6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Loadout
A common discussion among Fortnite players is often on what the best loadout to use is, and which weapons are the best to help you get that win. This week’s guide covers all the standard loadouts on the v6.30 patch and their variations, discussing their strengths and weaknesses and helping you determine which loadout is best for you! Remember, if you liked or enjoyed this video, please share it with your friends or on social media sites like Reddit and subscribe to us!  Thanks to @SavedCasting, @WYuezhong, and @Kai_Peterson_ for their work! 
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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your LoadoutA common discussion among Fortnite players is often on what the best loadout to use is, and which weapons are the best to help you get that win. This week’s guide covers all the standard loadouts on the v6.30 patch and their variations, discussing their strengths and weaknesses and helping you determine which loadout is best for you! Remember, if you liked or enjoyed this video, please share it with your friends or on social media sites like Reddit and subscribe to us!  Thanks to @SavedCasting, @WYuezhong, and @Kai_Peterson_ for their work! guidesa day agoFortniteMaster Community Content Spotlight - November 16th, 2018Welcome to our November 16th Community Content Spotlight, featuring several Fortnite related artwork, highlights, videos, and other content that has been posted across social media channels or submitted to us! If you would like us to feature your content, we welcome you to follow us and send us submissions @FNMasterCom. Several pieces will be chosen by our content team weekly.  As an additional note: FortniteMaster is collecting highlight clips to use for a new Fortnite highlights series on our YouTube channel! If you have any highlights plays you would like featured, please send them to us on Twitter, Facebook, or just post them in the comment section here! The first piece we chose for this week’s spotlight is this visualization of a Rift-to-Globe by /u/OGsmos. We love the idea of making a Christmas themed rift-to-go, and this visualization captures that holiday spirit perfectly! It’s already getting us excited for whatever Epic has planned for map changes and decorations this Christmas season. Next up we have this drawing of Dire by Stephen Ward. This guy is an incredible artist. The drawing looks ridiculously realistic, and you can tell the artist is a master of blending colors. Check out his YouTube for the full time-lapsed video of this drawing. The third piece we chose is this Fortnite quilt made by /u/ifionlyhadaskol. We have seen a lot of Fortnite-themed art, but this Fortnite quilt is a first for us. This looks like the perfect thing to keep you warm at night after getting those dubs. The next piece we chose is this illustration of Ragnarok Stage 2 by u/morepowerfulthan. This artist clearly has a talent for making intimidating things look cute. This small, round Ragnarok is adorable. The last piece for today is this animation of the entire Fortnite storyline so far by Dave C on YouTube. The animation is charming and the candid tone in the voiceover makes it easy to watch and understand. This recap just goes to show us how much Fortnite has changed over the past few seasons. That's it for today's FortniteMaster Community Spotlight! As usual, we hope you all give some of these talented creators some love! Remember, if you would like something of yours featured, please Tweet your submissions @FNMasterCom or post on our Discord and we will consider them for next week's version!   communitya day agoFortnite v6.30 Patch NotesSource ​​​​​​​FOOD FIGHT! Make a mess in a new Limited Time Mode and defend your structure with the Mounted Turret!  Mounted Turret (Battle Royale) Hooooooold! Strap into the new Mounted Turret and keep your enemies at bay. Remember not to shoot for too long or you’ll overheat. Food Fight LTM (Battle Royale) 1 wall, 2 entrees, the Food Fight has begun! Build your base, wait for the barrier to drop, and battle it out in this new Limited Time Mode. Claim your preferred team on our social channels. #TeamBurger #TeamPizza  GENERAL Optimized particle effects processing, including fixes for non-visible systems. The Sprint by Default setting will be enabled by default for all new players. Bug Fixes Fixed push-to-talk getting interrupted when entering or leaving a menu. Fixed selecting Voice Chat input and output devices in the options menu when there is more than one non-default input or output device. Fixed an issue where weapons could have the wrong textures applied. Improved the speed of gathering information when submitting feedback in-game. Push-to-talk now works in the menu when bound to mouse buttons other than left and right click. SOCIAL Improved the sorting order and separation of party invite and friend actions. The chat window will automatically switch to the Team or Party chat whenever joining a team or party.  Restored system messages when party and team members join. Increased the expanded and minimized size of the chat window. Chat scrollbar is no longer visible when chat is minimized. Whispers received while Party or Team chat is open will now appear in-line in the current window. Getting kicked from a party will no longer forcibly remove the player from the current match or zone. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where invites sent to PS4 friends who are not also Epic Friends would work unreliably if that friend came online after you started the game. Fixed issue where banners were too small or incorrect in certain areas of the UI. Fixed an issue where chat text would not appear when playing in a game unless the chat window was hovered on or opened/closed. The Social team got distracted by a butterfly. Here are some things we forgot to mention from previous patches. Patch v6.21 Fixed an issue where your console friends that were not Epic friends were displaying their Epic name in your friend's list. Fixed issue where play-with-friends challenges weren’t properly awarding progress.  Battle Royale cosmetics should no longer appear on Save the World heroes. Remove d the combined chat channel (named “All”), it wasn’t as useful as we had hoped and was being confused for the Global chat channel. Friend s playing the same game mode as you will now appear at the top of the Friends list. Patch v6.22 Re-added Battle Royale hologram visuals for people who are actively in-match. Text describing players remaining and time-in-match will be restored soon. Fixed an issue that could result in “ghost” party members after a Save the World match. Fixed an issue that would allow a Battle Royale hero to appear in the Save the World lobby.  KNOWN ISSUES Wanting to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board here. BATTLE ROYALE LIMITED TIME MODE: FOOD FIGHT Summary The battle of Durrr Burger versus Pizza Pit has begun. Two teams on either side of the map. A huge barrier runs down the middle. Build a fort to protect your restaurant mascot. When the Barrier lowers, destroy the enemy's mascot to win the match! Mode Details An impassable barrier will be spawned along the center of the map for the first several minutes. Each team will have an under-construction restaurant near the center of the map. Inside is a giant mascot head representing that team. If the mascot head is destroyed, that team loses the match. Teams should use the time that the barrier is up to construct a defensive fortress around their restaurant. As soon as the barrier lowers... fight to take out the enemy mascot before they destroy yours! Special red Supply Drops spawn at the start of the match. These hold a handful of weapons, ammo, consumables, traps and a few hundred metal building materials. Players will respawn after 7 seconds when eliminated, keeping their inventory. Eliminated players spawn a percentage of their ammo upon elimination, as well as 30/30/60 wood/stone/metal materials. 100% extra resources are gained from gathering. Building resources found on the ground increased from 20 to 50 per instance. No explosive weapons or items are in this mode. PLAYGROUND Bug Fixes Port-a-Challenges no longer spawn below terrain. WEAPONS + ITEMS Mounted Turret added (Legendary Trap) Found in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, and Supply Llamas Unlimited Ammo, but will overheat if fired too often. Can only be placed on floors. Damage the Mounted Turret by shooting it directly or by destroying structural support. The floor piece it is placed on is invulnerable. Once placed, can be used by any player regardless of team affiliation. When a vehicle passenger uses a Grappler, the movement has been smoothed out by retaining more vehicle momentum. Pickaxe damage against players has been increased from 10 to 20. Bug Fixes Adjusted Assault Rifle shell ejection settings to prevent the shells from obstructing reticle while firing while aiming down sights. Balloons now have proper audio and visual effects if several are popped simultaneously. Fixed an issue in which players could take damage when leaving a Quadcrasher while using Balloons. Fixed Quadcrashers being movable by walking into them. GAMEPLAY Quadcrashers spawn rate has been increased to 100% from 50%. Gamepad Bindings; Changing the default gamepad config from Combat Pro to Builder Pro. Updating the default custom bindings to match Builder Pro instead of Combat Pro. Emoting, bandaging, shield potion usage and other movement cancellable actions can now be used while affected by Chillers. Damage numbers will now show up in the starting island. Players will take damage, but not go below 1 health. Local damage effects like screen shake will not play. No quest progress will be gained for damage done in the warmup lobby. Better handling of effects when players fire short bursts of fully automatic weapons like the Submachine Gun. Tracers and firing sounds will be more consistent. Added a new “Reset Camera” action on the Nintendo Switch that can be bound that brings the camera to the horizon. Unbound by default. This gives players with motion controls an easy way to reset their camera location. The time a player is in the Down But Not Out state before being eliminated has been increased from 50 seconds to 60 seconds. Glider Redeploy Glider Redeploy will now only activate the Glider. Skydiving will no longer be available when using Glider Redeploy. The Skydiving state will still be activated when jumping from the Battle Bus, using Launch Pads, or any type of Rifts. If Skydiving from Launch Pads or Rifts, the forced Glider deploy height has been raised from 15.5 meters to 35 meters. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where holding the Interact binding while skydiving would not automatically start opening chests upon landing. Fixed an issue where players briefly continued to look like they were skydiving when landing. Fixed issue where PS4 controller lighting could be the wrong color. EVENTS New Tournament: ‘Scavenger Pop-Up Cup’ (Solo) Pop-Up Cups are tournaments testing temporary limited time modes. Scavenger will test several gameplay adjustments - reduced material limit, faster material harvesting, and earning health for eliminations. Material Cap: 500 Wood, 500 Brick, 500 Metal Harvesting Rate has been increased by 40% Players gain 50 health when eliminating an opponent. If health is full, players will receive shield. Players will no longer need to restart the game client to begin a tournament. Scheduled times will now correctly reflect Daylight Savings Time. Improved clarity for time until a tournament starts and time remaining in a tournament session. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue in Tournaments where players were not being matchmade against opponents with similar scores. This will greatly increase the difficulty of matches as players earn points. Note that players with high scores during a session may experience longer matchmaking times as we search for suitable opponents. After roughly 4 minutes of searching for opponents with similar scores, players will be placed in the best match available. Fixed an issue where tournament scoring would sometimes require restarting the client to update. Fixed an issue where Victory Royale’s would incorrectly appear as regular Placement points in the score summary. Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be granted a point incorrectly at the start of match, and it would disappear after the match. Fixed an issue where teammates would sometimes fail to queue into a match together.Fixed an issue where matches would start with fewer than 80 players. PERFORMANCE Improved lobby performance and memory usage on Switch. Optimized animation performance. Animation now operates with a fixed time budget, and will dynamically adjust quality and update rate based on load. AUDIO Glider and footstep audio for out of sight players is now more accurately spatialized. Added hit notification audio when damaging vehicles from a distance. Added ‘wind’ audio cue for players traveling through the air, including yourself. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Cube Monster footsteps did not have a visual sound indicator. Fixed an issue that would cause tire bounce sounds to trigger twice. Fixed an issue where looping weapon sounds would occasionally be silent. Fixed an issue where jumping and landing audio for other players could fail to play reliably. UI Added an indication of already completed secrets to the Hunting Party Challenges. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the jersey number could get reset when changing the style on a sports Outfit with selectable styles. ART + ANIMATION Bug Fixes Updated unlock text for the pink variant of Scales to correctly state that it unlocks at Battle Pass tier 74 instead of tier 59. Updated the "Herald's Wand" harvesting tool to indicate that it is reactive. REPLAY SYSTEM Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where spamming the Play button on the Replay Browser would cause an error. Fixed an issue where the close button would become inactive when loading out of date replays. Quad Launcher explosions no longer reset when scrubbing during replays. SPECTATING The primary quick bar is now visible when spectating a player. MOBILE Honk button added to extra buttons in the HUD Layout Tool for all your vehicular honking needs. Elimination feed can now be relocated in the HUD Layout Tool. The auto-pickup weapons and auto-open doors options will now be defaulted to off for new players. App icon now fills to the edge on newer Android versions. UI now accounts for the notches in the display of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Enabled shader cache on the Pixel2XL to address memory issues. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the crouch button would not be visible in build/edit modes. Fixed a bug causing persistent movement input when dragging over the quick bar. Fixed a bug causing sprint to not work on mobile for some players. patch notes4 days agoSeason 6 Week 8 Fortnite Battle Pass GuideThe week 8 challenges are now out, with many of them being rotation based. However, there are a couple challenges like the Pigeon Shooting and Fish Statues that might require some help. As usual, here's @squatingdog's cheat sheet with our regular write-up beneath it! Free Challenges Stage 1 - 5: Visit _______ and ________ in a single match (0/2) Stage 1 - Retail Row and Lonely Lodge These locations are extremely nearby each other, so making the rotation won’t be too difficult at all Retail Row and Lonely Lodge both have Quadcrasher spawns you can use to make the rotation quick and painless A Rift-to-Go can make the rotation extremely easy as well Stage 2 - Junk Junction and Pleasant Park There's quadcrashers in between the two locations at the dirt racetrack you can use to speed this up! Don't forget that there are rifts at the Durr Burger as well you can  use! Stage 3 - Flush Factory and Fatal Fields For this one, there's a single quadcrasher in Fatal's red barn or in Flush Factory's parking lot you can use! Stage 4 - Haunted Hills and Lazy Links This is when the rotations start getting a little tougher Use the ATKs at Lazy Links or the Quadcrashers to the south of Haunted Hills to speed this up Stage 5 - Tomato Temple and Shifty Shafts This will be the hardest rotation to make Shifty Shafts will have quadcrasher spawns nearby, but they require you to trek up a hill by Tilted Towers to get to them This is most suggested as you'll be able to jump the valley to the east and get significant distance boosting in the air Tomato Temple may not be the best starting location, but if you go south towards quadcrasher spawns near the Divot or Leaky Lake, you might have some luck This is a rotation you'll most likely have to sacrifice a game win to make, but if you find balloons or a Rift-to-Go it'll greatly increase your chances of being able to win Dance with a fish trophy at different Named Locations (0/7) These are the fish trophies you’re looking for: var scriptExists = document.querySelector('#twitter-script-hack'); var self = document.querySelector('.twitter-script-hack-class'); if (scriptExists) scriptExists.remove(); var script = document.createElement('script'); script.setAttribute('id', 'twitter-script-hack'); script.setAttribute('src', ''); script.setAttribute('charset', 'utf-8'); script.setAttribute('async', 'true'); document.body.append(script); self.remove(); })()"> These are the fish statues for this week's challenge!— FortniteMaster | Stats, Guides, Esports, News (@FNMasterCom) November 15, 2018 They don't make any sounds when they're nearby, which makes them a bit on the trickier side to find. Here's a map that should help you out! We'll update it with new information if it becomes available! Some notes: Certain locations like Wailing Woods have multiple fish statue spawns. You can only get completion by dancing at one of them. The fish statue in Salty Springs is located in the bunker house's regular basement (before the bunker) The statue in Tilted Towers is on the floor, unlike the rest of them Six Shooter or Heavy Assault Rifle Eliminations (0/2) (HARD) The above are your options for this challenge. Some notes: The Heavy Assault Rifle packs quite a punch and will probably be more helpful with completing this challenge You’d just use it like any other AR First shot accuracy and tap firing for headshots are immensely powerful with this weapon Note that unlike other unscoped ARs, it has a 25 ammo magazine The Six Shooter has two different fire modes The non-ADS fire has quite a high fire rate, but is relatively inaccurate The ADS fire makes the Six Shooter a lot more similar to the Hand Cannon While the damage isn’t as good, you can still really chunk people out with headshots  While the Six Shooter is relatively easy to use, its damage isn’t quite up to par compared to other weapons Battle Pass Challenges Get a score of 3 on different Clay Pigeon Shooters (0/3) This is a repeat of a challenge from last season, and is quite simple to complete. You can find the Clay Pigeon Shooters at the locations marked on this map: Here’s a clip of the minigame: Tip: Use a Tactical Shotgun - it’s very difficult to miss the clay pigeon if you use one Get Trick Points in a vehicle (0/250,000) You can get trick points in a vehicle practically just by getting airtime in anything. We’d suggest using an ATK or Quadcrasher since these vehicles can get good speed without having to rely on terrain.  250,000 Trick Points is actually really doable in one jump with the Quadcrasher using a Corrupted Area’s crater. View the following clip for reference:  You can find Quadcrashers at the locations marked on this map: Visit different Named Locations in a single match (0/4) (HARD) This is one of those challenges where you’ll have to go a little bit out of your way to do, and might take a few tries to do it. Here’s some tips that may help: Finding a Quadcrasher or ATK greatly speeds up the rotations you’ll have to make, reducing the amount of enemies who will be able to hunt you down and kill you Here’s some good routes you can take that have vehicles nearby the starting point: Junk Junction -> Pleasant Park -> Leaky Lake -> Lazy Links Haunted Hills -> Pleasant Park -> Leaky Lake -> Lazy Links Fatal Fields -> Salty Springs -> Dusty Divot -> Retail Row Attempting to do this challenge in duos and squads might make it easier to survive as you'll have a teammate who can help look out for you and revive you if you get knocked Trying a LTM like 50v50 might make it easier too If you take a route through your side of the map, you’ll be a lot less likely to run into enemies Completing this challenge in tandem with the first challenge involving visiting different named locations would be an efficient way to complete multiple challenges in one go! Stage 1 - 3: Use _______ (0/1)(HARD) Stage 1: Use a Grappling Hook Stage 2: Use a Launch Pad Stage 3: Use a Rift-to-Go These challenges are all relatively simple with the toughest part just finding the item to use. Note that these are all really helpful mobility items that help immensely with rotations. You might want to use them to complete some of the other rotation based challenges from this week. For stage 3, it seems that there's a typo and only a Rift-to-Go will work. Normal rifts and the Wailing Woods portals do not not count towards this challenge's completion Hunting Party Load Screen:  There’s a secret unlockable banner that you can find located here:  guides2 days ago

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