5 Easy Tips for the Everyday Fortnite Player

 • Jan 11, 2019

5 Easy Tips for the Everyday Fortnite Player

Always seem to be a few seconds behind at the start of a game, or not sure what to do against turtles? This week, we're bringing you another set of tips you can use that are easy to master that will help you improvement your movement and give you more options for turtle situations. 

Timestamps for each clip:

  1. 00:27
  2. 01:48
  3. 02:25
  4. 03:24
  5. 04:20


Voiceover: https://twitter.com/SavedCasting

Editing: https://twitter.com/WYuezhong

Script: https://twitter.com/Kai_Peterson_

Gameplay: https://twitter.com/Acelol_ 

Special thanks to TSM Myth for his clip in tip 3!

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