Chapter 2 Season 1 New World Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

 • Oct 16, 2019

Chapter 2 Season 1 New World Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

Mission Objectives

Discover (10) Named Locations

For this Challenge, you simply have to visit the various Named Locations in the new Chapter 2 Season 1 map. You can tell which of the locations have not been visited by whether or not the location is grayed-out on the mini-map.

(3) Eliminations at Lazy Lake or Misty Meadows

Where you complete this Challenge is simply a matter of preference, if we’re being honest. Overall, however, more players are likely to land at Lazy Lake due to its location toward the center of the map, as well as its resemblance to Tilted Towers.

Discover (10) Landmarks

Landmarks are similar to the Named Locations around the map, except they are not named on the minimap. For example, Camp Cod can be found on the location indicated on the above map. As you progress through the map, you’re likely to easily discover at least 10 Landmarks.

Ride a Motorboat in (3) different matches

Above you can find a map of many of the Motorboat spawns in the Chapter 2 Season 1 Week 1 map. Motorboats can be found all around the map, typically at any dock location you can find.

Deal (500) damage with Assault Rifles to opponents

In Chapter 2 Season 1 Week 1, your choices for this Challenge include the (Base) Assault Rifle, Burst Assault Rifle, and Burst Rifle. These are very commonly used weapons, therefore you shouldn’t need to go out of your way to complete this Challenge.

With that being said, if you are struggling, consider going into the Team Rumble mode where you can respawn with persistent loot.

Search (7) chests at Sweaty Sands or Retail Row

Maps of Chest spawn locations can be found below for each of these points of interest. Overall, Sweaty Sands is the superior choice for this Challenge not only due to the higher amount of Chests, but the accessibility of the location thanks to the nearby water.

Sweaty Sands

There are a total of 28 potential Chest spawns in Sweaty Sands.

Retail Row

There are a total of 20 potential Chest spawns in Retail Row.

(5) Eliminations in different matches

For this Challenge, simply play through matches as you normally would. Even with just one elimination per match, you’ll complete it in no time. To quickly get through with this Challenge, take advantage of the respawn and persistent loot mechanics in the Team Rumble mode.

If you’re a player who struggles to win gunfights, consider checking out our YouTube Channel where we post videos which aim to help players of all kinds improve. For example, the following video is ideal to watch for this Challenge.

Catch a weapon using a Fishing Rod

Fishing Rods can be found in both Floor Loot, Chests, and Barrels located on the countless Dock locations found around the map.

Fishing locations are randomly placed, however, they are indicated by white rings in specific spots of the water with fish swimming below. Overtime the Fishing location will reset, so be sure to take advantage of a location once you find it!

Once you have cast the Fishing Rod into the water, wait for the line to go under, then quickly reel it in to collect your loot. The loot obtained from Fishing include Fish which grant random buffs, as well as weapons.

Deal damage with SMGs, Shotguns, and Pistols in a single match

For this Challenge, you have a wide variety of weapons to choose from thanks to the required use of three different weapon classes. Ideally, the Legendary Pump Shotgun, Legendary Submachine Gun, and the new Legendary Pistol are the loadout you would use for easy completion.

Carry a Knocked player 10m

When a player, friendly or enemy, has been knocked into the down-but-not-out state (team-based modes only), you can pick the player up and carry them to safety or to a hilarious death.

Search hidden “F” found in the New World Loading Screen

Once you have completed 8 of the 11 New World Challenges, you will unlock the New World Loading Screen. Here you can find a holographic letter F in the center-right of the image. This location can be found in-game East of Lazy Lake, as indicated by the map above.


Complete any 8 Challenges to earn the reward item - New World Loading Screen

  1. 14,000 XP
  2. 14,000 XP
  3. 14,000 XP
  4. 14,000 XP
  5. 14,000 XP
  6. 14,000 XP
  7. 14,000 XP
  8. 14,000 XP
  9. 14,000 XP
  10. 14,000 XP
  11. 14,000 XP
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