Fortnite Tournament Infograph: Code Red Live Week 2

 • Nov 21, 2018

Fortnite Tournament Infograph: Code Red Live Week 2

Week 2 of DrDisrespect's Code Red Live Tournament was on November 20, 2018, continuing the Friday Fortnite format as usual. The tournament's prize pool was reduced to $10,000 this week, distributed as such:

  • 1st - $6,000
  • 2nd - $2,500
  • 3rd - $1,500

Week 2 proved to be an extremely exciting week, with SypherPK and Symfuhny dropping to the Losers Bracket early in the tournament, but clawed their way to a bracket reset in the grand finals. 

In the very final game of the tournament, TSM Daequan died an unfortunate death, giving Sypher and Symfuhny a huge advantage while both duos were extremely close on kills. However, Symfuhny got too excited and was taken out when attempting to dismember a squad on his own, leaving Sypher and Yanni in a 1v1v4 scenario. Both individuals were killed by the same squad that eliminated Symfuhny, but not before Yanni was able to get the clutch kill that put him and Daequan in 1st place, taking the tournament victory!

Here is an infograph covering the top 3 placements and highlighting key stats throughout the tournament! 

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