FortniteMaster Community Spotlight - January 18th, 2019

 • Jan 18, 2019

FortniteMaster Community Spotlight - January 18th, 2019

Welcome to our January 18th, 2019 Community Content Spotlight! We're really excited to feature the Fortnite related artwork, highlights, videos, and other content that has been posted across social media channels or submitted to us over the past weeks!

As is our weekly reminder, if you would like us to feature your content for future editions, we welcome you to follow us and send your submissions to @FNMasterCom. Several pieces will be chosen by our content team weekly!

Without further ado, here are the pieces for this week's spotlight:

Our first piece is an animated train concept to the game by Sardar - Concepts on YouTube. The idea was inspired by this post by /u/NOJHD on Reddit, proposing a train line that moved around the map. We thought the animated concept was really cool and our content lead has a soft spot for trains making this a shoe-in for this week's spotlight!

EDIT: Sardar has informed us that he had already made a train concept a few months ago for Halloween. He took the concept and edited it specifically for the video being spotlighted here!

Next up is a more basic animation by /u/Liqood. We feel that with how long loading screens in Fortnite could be, having a 3D render preview of a new outfit would make it feel a lot shorter. Liqood's basic render is a great idea, and something we'd like to see in the future!

Third, we've got /u/SniperSnipesUrFace with a beautiful render of the Brite Bomber skin, or as the top comment from the Reddit thread has dubbed, the Galaxy Bomber. This style of art isn't something we've come across too often in the past several months that we've run this series, and it's really nice to see something new. The mix of colors create a really pretty lighting and translucency effect which we absolutely love.

Next, with have a video by Dave C Animations on YouTube, who turned a Fortnite build battle into an anime-styled fight of grand proportions. We were a bit unsure of this at the start, but once the action started happening we were hooked. The animations are well done, and huge kudos to the animator.

Our final video is by Socksfor1 on YouTube!  He has parodied a scene from The Incredibles to make fun of Fortnite's ever-changing meta. While we don't tend to push any specific opinions or biases about Epic's additions to the game, we found this video to be very amusing and wanted our readers to share in the enjoyment as well. Hope you guys enjoy it!

That's it for today's FortniteMaster Community Spotlight! As usual, we hope you all give some of these talented creators some love! Remember, if you would like something of yours featured, please Tweet your submissions @FNMasterCom or post on our Discord and we will consider them for next week's version!      

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