FortniteMaster Community Spotlight - February 1st, 2019

 • Feb 01, 2019

FortniteMaster Community Spotlight - February 1st, 2019

Welcome to our February 1st, 2019 Community Content Spotlight! We're really excited to feature the Fortnite related artwork, highlights, videos, and other content that has been posted across social media channels or submitted to us over the past weeks!

As is our weekly reminder, if you would like us to feature your content for future editions, we welcome you to follow us and send your submissions to @FNMasterCom. Several pieces will be chosen by our content team weekly!

Without further ado, here are the pieces for this week's spotlight:

The first piece we chose is this real-life, functional (hopefully) grappler, made by /u/tfoust10. Of course, this couldn’t have come at a worse time since the Grappler just got vaulted in-game. Nonetheless, this concept is amazing, and we look forward to seeing an update showing it in action!

Next up we chose is this impressive techno song, Electro Fortnite, made in Creative mode by /u/math2607. Some context: Fortnite recently added the ability to build individual notes and sound effects in creative mode, and some players took it upon themselves to make some pretty incredibly stuff. After listening to this one, we can’t help but believe that this player has a bright future in music production if they don’t already!

The third piece for the spotlight is this painting of the Volley Girl skin by /u/colorfulSketch. We have featured this artist before and are happy to feature them again because they always do such a great job. If you’re interested in seeing a time-lapse of the painting process start to finish, go check out their YouTube Channel.

The last piece we chose for today is this DIY Mini Fortnite Batsickle by YuyeolJeon on YouTube. DO NOT try this at home without the correct safety tools, experience, and supervision. That said, there is something almost comforting about watching somebody go through the process of making something from scratch. And it doesn’t hurt that this YouTuber has nice sense of humor to make the video more entertaining. 

That's it for today's FortniteMaster Community Spotlight! As usual, we hope you all give some of these talented creators some love! Remember, if you would like something of yours featured, please Tweet your submissions @FNMasterCom or post on our Discord and we will consider them for next week's version! 

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