FortniteMaster Community Spotlight - March 18th, 2019

 • Mar 18, 2019

FortniteMaster Community Spotlight - March 18th, 2019

Welcome to our March 18th, 2019 Community Content Spotlight! We're really excited to feature the Fortnite related artwork, highlights, videos, and other content that has been posted across social media channels or submitted to us over the past few weeks!

As is our weekly reminder, if you would like us to feature your content for future editions, we welcome you to follow us and send your submissions to @FNMasterCom. Several pieces will be chosen by our content team!

Without further ado, here are the pieces for this week's spotlight:

The first piece we chose for this week’s spotlight is this “Indiana Jonesy” render by /u/Liqood. This is a hilarious take on the classic boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. We love how well this whole idea works. Who better to play Indiana Jones than Jonesy? And the Baller as the boulder is the icing on the cake. Nothing beats than a good piece of art that sparks nostalgia.

Next up we have this real-life recreation of the Death Valley Pickaxe by /u/CreeperGuy9937. This thing is hardcore, and the real animal skull makes it even more intimidating. If we saw this in real life and didn’t know it was from Fortnite, we’d be running away for sure.

The third piece we chose for today is this collection of Funko-inspired Fortnite Sugar Cookies made by /u/TheYellowBird1. We are blown away at the precision and level of detail they were able to achieve on these cookies. They seriously look incredible and exactly like the Funko Pops that inspired their creation!

The next piece we chose is this drawing of the iconic Peely skin by Indian Art Mascot on YouTube. There’s something about these time-lapsed drawing videos that is oddly satisfying, especially when the finished piece is so well done. We love watching the full process of a talented artist, from sketching to coloring, shading, and final details. Fantastic job!

Last but not least, we have this video that recaps all the major events from Season 3 to Season 8, made by LaffenGas on YouTube. Watching this really puts into perspective the amount of times Epic has gone above and beyond to craft unique storylines and bring them to life for every single Fortnite player. Even though it wasn’t that long ago, we still get hints of nostalgia seeing the old Dusty Depot turn into Dusty Divot and watching that unforgettable Rocket Launch.

That's it for today's FortniteMaster Community Spotlight! As usual, we hope you all give some of these talented creators some love! Remember, if you would like something of yours featured, please Tweet your submissions @FNMasterCom or post on our Discord and we will consider them for next week's version! 

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