FortniteMaster Community Content Spotlight - October 5th, 2018

 • Oct 05, 2018

FortniteMaster Community Content Spotlight - October 5th, 2018

Welcome to our October 5th Community Content Spotlight, featuring several Fortnite related artwork, highlights, videos, and other content that has been posted across social media channels or submitted to us!

If you would like us to feature your content, we welcome you to follow us and send us submissions @FNMasterCom. Several pieces will be chosen by our content team weekly

As an additional note: FortniteMaster is collecting highlight clips to use for a new Fortnite highlights series on our YouTube channel! If you have any highlights plays you would like featured, please send them to us on Twitter, Facebook, or just post them in the comment section here!

The first piece in today’s spotlight is this amazing render of “Lunch Atop Tilted Towers” by /u/t-visADL. This image is the Fortnite rendition of the classic photo, “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper.” We love how the Fortnite characters look so natural in this image, each showing their own emotion with unique facial expressions.

Next up we have /u/Anxious_Pixie’s concept for a limited-time mode called Total Darkness. This idea sounds like so much fun, running around with minimal light in a map consumed by darkness. And it fits perfectly into the theme of Halloween and Season 6!

The third piece for today is this drawing of the new Dusk skin by /u/ArtAmazon. We’ve been on the lookout for some quality Season 6 art, and this drawing satisfies that need. The details on this black-and-white piece are incredible, from Dusk’s clothing to the bats and players gliding in the background.

The next piece we chose is this playful pixel-art of Charmander made by /u/Beta_Study in playground. We love the creativity here, using different materials to outline and give depth to this Pokémon.

The last piece for today is this video of Fortnite in real-life made by the popular YouTube channel devinsupertramp. This channel has a history of making videos about video games in real life, and we’re glad they finally released one for Fortnite. The production value is on another level, from its storytelling and writing to the props and costumes. This one is definitely worth checking out.

That's it for today's FortniteMaster Community Spotlight! As usual, we hope you all give some of these talented creators some love! Remember, if you would like something of yours featured, please Tweet your submissions @FNMasterCom or post on our Discordand we will consider them for next week's version!  

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