FortniteMaster Community Content Spotlight - December 14th, 2018

 • Dec 14, 2018

FortniteMaster Community Content Spotlight - December 14th, 2018

Welcome to our December 14th Community Content Spotlight, featuring several Fortnite related artwork, highlights, videos, and other content that has been posted across social media channels or submitted to us!

If you would like us to feature your content, we welcome you to follow us and send us submissions @FNMasterCom. Several pieces will be chosen by our content team weekly

As an additional note: FortniteMaster is collecting highlight clips to use for a new Fortnite highlights series on our YouTube channel! If you have any highlights plays you would like featured, please send them to us on Twitter, Facebook, or just post them in the comment section here!

This first piece we chose for this week’s spotlight is this 3D printed Crackshot from the Season 7 intro cinematic made by /u/minmat66. It’s always impressive to see these Fortnite items and characters turned into real figures with 3D printing. Not to mention this looks like the perfect nutcracker for any kids who love Fortnite. Now we just want to know if it can actually crack walnuts like a real nutcracker.

The second piece for today is /u/doaoahgh’s cute drawing of Pikachu’s dressed as Fortnite skins making a snowman. What better way to kick off the Winter season than a Pokémon and Fortnite crossover?! Pikachu’s dressed as every Season 7 battle pass skin is something that we didn’t know we needed until we saw it. Check out their YouTube channel for more drawings of Pikachu as Fortnite skins.

Next up we have this Trailer for all Season 7 Battle Pass skins by /u/JyeunJyeun, aka SushiiFilms. This is a really cool idea in the first place, and it’s made even better by the fact that these are some of the best battle pass skins to date. We especially love how each skin was presented with their own mini-story that fits perfectly with their persona.

The fourth piece we chose for today is this meme edit of Season 7 Mayhem by /u/Rayditzfn. The Fortnite gameplay is good and all, but the sheer number of memes in this video is awe-inspiring. The depth of this editor’s meme library is truly impressive.

The last piece we chose for this week’s spotlight is this house with Fortnite-themed Christmas decorations posted by /u/mediocre_manikin. This household really went all out with the decorations, complete with full-sized versions of five Christmas skins, a llama, and a giant picture of the battle royale map. There have been a handful of reposts of this same house, which resides on Candy Cane Lane in Torrance, California. So, feel free to go check it out if you live nearby!

That's it for today's FortniteMaster Community Spotlight! As usual, we hope you all give some of these talented creators some love! Remember, if you would like something of yours featured, please Tweet your submissions @FNMasterCom or post on our Discord and we will consider them for next week's version!   

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