FortniteMaster Creative Mode Spotlight - 01/23/19

 • Jan 23, 2019

FortniteMaster Creative Mode Spotlight - 01/23/19

About a month ago, a week or so after The Block was announced, we made an article featuring some community submissions for the competition, showing some community creations we thought were absolutely brilliant. Epic has been consistently updating the mode, making huge improvements over the past while. Since then, we’ve come across many new creations, either found online or submitted by a number of creators, many of which would have required a huge amount of dedication and creativity to create. 

As such, we would like to welcome you to the first of the FortniteMaster Creative Spotlight! This will be a new series (separate from our community spotlight) featuring well-made creative mode maps that we come across or are submitted to us. To provide us with a submission, please send us a DM on Twitter or on Facebook including a YouTube link and a map code for your creation!

Without further adieu, here are the spotlighted pieces for today’s article!

The first spotlighted map today is the Lordly Labyrinth, created by jespergran on Reddit! This submission was made specifically for The Block competition, and you can find it using the code 1991-9282-9857. If you like the hedge maze at Wailing Woods, try this map on for size. It’s a massive sprawl of hedges with castle structures placed throughout. You’ll have to spend a while pickaxing yourself out of this one for sure!

The second map in this spotlight is a Adventure/Parkour Cave by IdiotsPlayGames on Reddit, and you can find it with the code 5717-5510-9405. The map itself is a mini-platforming game, where you have to make it through the cave by jumping across platforms. It must have taken the creator ages, with great placements of game rocks that really make it seem realistic. Here’s a link to an Imgur album showing more of the map!

Third, we have a recreation of the Hijacked map in CoD by @SMiLE_G2MER, code 9706-6027-6496. The map is meant to be a hijacked cruise ship, and the rendition is quite well done. We think it’d be really cool for Epic to create a new named location which is a harbour, and have a massive cruise ship docked there for people to land and loot. It would be a great contrast to the Viking Village ship that’s in the game already.

Next, we have a Winter Wonderland by @_DragonStar_ on Twitter, with the code 7981-6089-6343. Inspired by Happy Hamlet, she built an entire Christmas village over the Creative mode island, making great use of the mountains as well. It’s a really cute design, and we’d like to give props to the creator and hope she keeps making more in the future!

Last but not least, we have the Fancy Favelas (code: 1115-5430-5035) by Stab Mixer on YouTube. For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘favelas’ refers to slums in Brazil and tend to be a controversial topic. Regardless, this map is a very aesthetically pleasing job well-done with great attention to detail and huge props to Stab Mixer for his work. We love how the buildings are on multiple levels of elevation, and we imagine there must be all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies to discover. It would certainly be an interesting location to play in for sure!

That’s all for this edition of our Creative Spotlight! We hope you have some fun with these maps and give these creators some love, as we’re sure they’ve put lots of work into them. Again, if you would like your maps featured, please send us a DM on Twitter or on Facebook including a YouTube link and a map code for your creation! 

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