FortniteMaster Fall Skirmish NA Team Power Rankings

 • Oct 17, 2018

FortniteMaster Fall Skirmish NA Team Power Rankings

With Fall Skirmish more than past its halfway mark, we've compiled and processed the kill and placement statistics of its participants over the entire tournament to come up with a power ranking of all the NA teams. 

These rankings are meant to depict the perceived power of the North American orgs playing in the Fall Skirmish at the moment by aggregating scores across the team's players. For teams with many players, their best performer's scoring has a heavier weighting while their worst player has a lighter weighting. 

We will be releasing future editions of this power ranking as the tournament progresses and continue it with future tournaments when possible.

For detailed documentation on the methodology, you can view this Google doc.

Week 5 UPDATE:

  • Faze has increased in standings
  • Gankstars has overtaken NRG and Knights
  • Get Wrekt has jumped up 6 spots in the standings
  • CLG and Cloud 9 have fallen slightly
  • TSM, WBG, and 100 Thieves have risen slightly


Graphics: Ling Gu

Data Analysis: Gregory Fraser

Stat Gathering: @ScDonny

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