Fortnite Creative: Community Builds and The Block!

 • Dec 17, 2018

Fortnite Creative: Community Builds and The Block!

Fortnite Creative Mode was released at the start of Season 7, with Battle Pass owners gaining early access to it. For those very out of the loop, Creative Mode is Fortnite-turned-Minecraft, where you get placed on an island and are able to build anything you want based on the prefabs and materials provided by Epic Games.

Additionally, Epic Games announced The Block:

This is a community competition where Epic will select a winner's submission to replace the above 25x25 land plot that has replaced Risky Reels. They've provided these guidelines for the submissions:

  • 25x25 tile area on a flat section of your island. It’s very important that your creations can fit nicely on The Block.
  • Originality matters. Create something new, don’t copy other people’s ideas.
  • Try to keep your ‘Memory Used’ less than 50,000.  Efficiency is just as important as creativity!
  • There’s no height requirement, but please try to scale your creations to be a similar to other POIs in the Battle Royale map.
  • You can use any component available.
  • Chests, floor loot and vehicle spawns will be determined by Epic. No need to include these.

In the two weeks this feature has been live, the Community's creations are nothing short of spectacular. We've been playing attention to #FortniteBlockParty on Twitter and /r/FortniteCreative, and we really wanted to share with you some of the ones that really impressed us!

First, we have Seyyami on YouTube's Tiny Toys, which is an absolutely massive structure that's very clearly inspired by Pixar's Toy Story. The proportioning and perspective of being inside this room is absolutely brilliant, and huge props to her!

While Sibranti's Mighty Mountains might break one of Epic's guidelines, his creation around one of the mountains on his Creative Mode island is absolutely gorgeous. Think of what a fantastic addition it would be for Fortnite to have a named location built into the side of a mountain!

Next up is the Epic University creation by @MissStereoHeart! We really like the design of the buildings, which merges different pieces of some of the prefabs available to create highly realistic and aesthetically pleasing structures:


You may recognize @xilFN, one of Fortnite's pro-players, who also made his own submission for this challenge. It's a really neat Japanese-styled hamlet, and we're highlighting this one just because of how beautiful it looks.


Last but not least of these submissions, we'd like to feature /u/NepAlchemist's Castle! The courtyard design is absolutely gorgeous, and we really love the overall feel and consistency there is within the creation. It looks like every object has been carefully and meticulously placed, and we can't imagine how long it must have taken for this to have been put together.

That's all the maps we're able to feature today. However, this isn't to say that these are the only amazing maps that've been made. It's so impressive how talented the Fortnite community is, especially with such a new tool like this and we can't wait to see what more other people have done with the tool!

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