Fortnite Esports Roster Changes and Player Signings - January 2nd, 2019

 • Jan 02, 2019

Fortnite Esports Roster Changes and Player Signings - January 2nd, 2019

Welcome to our weekly series that covers the latest roster changes and player signings in Fortnite Esports. Gaming organizations are adjusting rosters and picking up new players every week, so we decided to start this series to keep track of all the changes. There is no shortage of top-tier talent in this community and we love to see players' hard work pay off.

The following roster changes are those that have occurred in the past two weeks and do not include previously established rosters.


Canadian player Xil has announced he joined compLexity gaming. He joins Hogman and Pipkippy on the coL roster.

Xil: Twitter/Twitch


Team Vitality (EU)

Teeqzy has announced he is no longer a part of Team Vitality after only a couple of months with the organization. In the tweet below, Teeqzy bids farewell to the organization and links to an Instagram post with further explanation regarding the decision (although it is also in French).

Teeqzy: Twitter/Twitch


Team Secret (EU)

Sak0ner has announced he is now a free agent. He has decided to seek new opportunities after his contract with Team Secret expired.

Sak0ner: Twitter/Twitch


Epsilon Esports (EU)

Every member on the Epsilon Esports Fortnite team has now left after disagreements over contracts and payments. Kling, one of the former players for Epsilon, explained his side of the situation in a TwitLonger.

Zyppaan: Twitter/Twitch

Gandulf: Twitter/Twitch

Sandell: Twitter

Kling: Twitter/Twitch

Paffpi:  Twitter


Evil Cake Army

The organization "Evil Cake Army" has turned out to be a scam. The new organization burst onto the Fortnite scene a few months ago, signing a total of 12 players (NA & EU) since November 2018. Just a few days before the New Year, however, drama unfolded when the team suddenly disbanded. Players and an employee took to Twitter to speak out about the broken promises, like how none of them had been paid any of the money promised in their contracts. 

Unfortunately, this scam has ended up harming many skilled players. We wish the following players nothing but the best in their future careers, Fortnite or otherwise.

NA players:

Tendons: Twitter/Twitch

Punisher: Twitter/Twitch

Lanjok: Twitter/Twitch

Moon: Twitter/Twitch

Bane: Twitter/Twitch

EU players:

Severin: Twitter/Twitch

Filipino: Twitter/Twitch

Sup3rm4nX: Twitter/Twitch

Jakob: Twitter/Twitch

Gafow: Twitter/Twitch

Skram: Twitter/Twitch

Shooky: Twitter/Twitch


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