Fortnite Esports Roster Changes and Player Signings - February 12th, 2019

 • Feb 12, 2019

Fortnite Esports Roster Changes and Player Signings - February 12th, 2019

Welcome to our weekly series that covers the latest roster changes and player signings in Fortnite Esports. Gaming organizations are adjusting rosters and picking up new players every week, so we decided to start this series to keep track of all the changes. There is no shortage of top-tier talent in this community and we love to see players' hard work pay off.

The following roster changes are those that have occurred in the past two weeks and do not include previously established rosters.


One of the standout players in the Winter Royale qualifiers was MrSavageM. He came in second place overall in the qualifiers, but was unable to move onto the final because of the age requirement. Despite his inability to compete in the finals, his top performance in the qualifiers netted him a lot of attention, both on Twitch and from prospective organizations. At the end of January, he finally decided to sign to NRG. 

MrSavageM: Twitter/Twitch


Eleven [E11] Gaming (EU)

E11 gaming has expanded their roster even further, picking up three new EU players. Stompy and Tschilinken join as a brand new EU duo, and Crippa will play alongside Boyer, who signed to E11 a couple of months ago.

Stompy: Twitter/Twitch

Tschilinken: Twitter/Twitch

Crippa: Twitter



Ghost Gaming (NA)

Ghost Gaming has added three more NA players to their ever-growing roster. With a total of 16 total Fortnite players, Ghost seems to have the largest roster in the game.

Assault: Twitter

EX: Twitter/Twitch

Shah: Twitter


Luminosity Gaming (NA)

Following a controversy regarding Kreo, Lunimosity gaming has decided to release Kreo from their roster.

Kreo: Twitter/Twitch


Solary (EU)

After parting ways with his old organization, Bastille Legacy, Nikof made quick work to join a new one. Solary welcomes Nikof as their sixth Fortnite player.

Nikof:  Twitter/Twitch


Forward Gaming (NA)

Forward Gaming, a new esports organization created in September 2018, has picked up a new NA duo for their Fortnite roster: Nolan and Tendons. They join Ares to make a total three players on the FG roster.

Nolan: Twitter/Twitch

Tendons: Twitter/Twitch


Prism Gang (EU)

Another new organization, Prism Gang, has picked up two Fortnite players: Teeqzy and Mushway. Teeqzy, previously in Team Vitality, is well-known in the scene with a total eight skirmish appearances. Mushway is less known, but we look forward to hearing good things about him in the future!

Teeqzy: Twitter/Twitch

Mushway: Twitter/Twitch


Denial Esports (NA)

Denial Esports has decided to venture into Fortnite with two brand new Duos. Marz and Wizkay, both previously on OpTic, join Denial after months of free agency. Dopai and Overpeeking, the second duo, is less known, but could soon change that as it seems they have been invited to the Secret Skirmish later this week.

Marz: Twitter/Twitch

WizKay: Twitter/Twitch

Overpeek: Twitter/Twitch

Dopai: Twitter/Twitch


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