Fortnite Esports Roster Changes and Player Signings - March 23rd, 2019

 • Mar 23, 2019

Fortnite Esports Roster Changes and Player Signings - March 23rd, 2019

Welcome to our weekly series that covers the latest roster changes and player signings in Fortnite Esports. Gaming organizations are adjusting rosters and picking up new players every week, so we decided to start this series to keep track of all the changes. There is no shortage of top-tier talent in this community and we love to see players' hard work pay off.

The following roster changes are those that have occurred in the past week and a half, and do not include previously established rosters.


The youngest player ever has been signed to Faze. H1ghSky1, the insane 13 year old Fortnite player, has joined the ranks of some of the biggest names in gaming before starting high school. Let that sink in.

H1ghSky1: Twitter/Twitch



Symfuhny, a streamer that has blown up in popularity, has been signed by NRG. This is a big move for the org, as Symfuhny was likely in talks with many major organizations.

NRG also signed Benjyfishy, the established duo partner of MrSavageM. This duo is a powerhouse in the Fortnite scene and we can't wait to see what they accomplish under the NRG banner.

Symfuhny: Twitter/Twitch

Benjyfishy: Twitter/Twitch




Morgausse and Lamar has been signed to Rogue just in time to represent their new org in the World Cup. They join the likes of 00flour and Gingerpop on the Rogue roster.

Morgausse: Twitter/Twitch

Lamar: Twitter/Twitch



The newly rebranded Korean organization, T1, has been making some international moves in the past couple of weeks. On the NA side, they signed duo partners Sofa and Fulmer, both of whom recently left their previous org Trouble Bois. You may recognize this duo from their multiple Skirmish appearances and 1st place finish in the online Share the Love tournament.

Sofa: Twitter/Twitch

Fulmer: Twitter/Twitch


T1 also signed four Korean players. As the Korean Fortnite scene continues to grow , more and more extremely talented players are making a name for themselves. We're excited to see some of these names at future international tournaments!

Medusa: Twitter

Arius: Twitter

Quickss: Twitter/Twitch

Psangae: Twitter



coL has signed their fifth Fortnite player: Lanjok. He joins his duo partner Punisher on the org. You can tell these two are ready to grind as they participated in both the East and West Scallywag cup, placing 14th in West.

Lanjok: Twitter/Twitch


Team Secret

Team Secret has expanded into North America with their latest pickups. VapeJesus and Fuzzy join the predominantly European organization that already holds some of the top EU players like Mongraal and Domentos.

VapeJesus: Twitter/Twitch

Fuzzy: Twitter/Twitch


Method (EU)

After a full overhaul on their roster last month, Method has signed two more players: Avarice and Jakei. They join MartinCreek on the Method roster. Additionally, Noizeeh has parted ways with Method after only a little more than a month on the roster and is seeking new representation as a free agent.

Avarice: Twitter/Twitch

Jakei: Twitter/Twitch

Noizeeh: Twitter/Twitch


Wombo Sports

The brand new organization, Wombo Sports, has signed a total of four Fortnite players in the past couple of days. We're excited to see what this new org can bring to the table and what their new players can accomplish under the Wombo banner.

Turkey Lips: Twitter/Twitch

OutLit: Twitter/Twitch

Dimes: Twitter/Twitch

JackizGodlyz: Twitter/Twitch


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