Fortnite Infinity Blade - What It Does and How to Get It

 • Dec 11, 2018

Fortnite Infinity Blade - What It Does and How to Get It



After countless complaints over the three days, the Infinity Blade has been vaulted. Initially, Epic's response to the problem was to try to nerf and balance the item as they had plans to add more Mythic items into the game. This was met with severe community backlash, leading to the removal of the weapon.

For the purposes of record keeping, we will leave the information below such that players may look back on this episode in the future.


The Infinity Blade was released in Fortnite last night with the v7.01 Patch, generating a ton of buzz on social media and already producing many highlight clips and videos. So if you haven't yet figured it out, what is it? And how do you get it?


As you can see, each kill restores 50 shield or hp.

The Infinity Blade functions similarly to the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet back in June. Only one spawns in each lobby on Polar Peak as marked on this map here:

To get the Infinity Blade, you simply have to go to where the sword is and do a short channel:

When you finish the channel, you instantly gain 200 shield and 200 hp. Furthermore, you get a movement speed bonus as you run around. The Infinity Blade replaces your Primary Fire and ADS button with two actions: a 3-part sword swing combo and a dash. Each swing does 75 damage, while the dash does 25. The dash has no cooldown.

Both abilities instantly destroy any buildings or structures they touch. The swings farm all the mats of anything it destroys:

You can also adjust the direction of the ADS leap:

Currently, the area surrounding the sword is one of the hottest drops at the moment, but if you manage to get the sword, good luck and have fun!

Some more clips of the blade:


EDIT: We've been discussing the Infinity Blade on Twitter in this tweet below. Feel free to chime in with any thoughts you might have!


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