Fortnite Korea Open 2018

 • Dec 14, 2018

Fortnite Korea Open 2018

The Fortnite Korea Open 2018 will be taking place tonight, with the first match starting at:

  • December 14, 9pm PST
  • December 15, 12am EST/ 5am GMT / 6am CET / 2pm KST / 4pm AEDT 

(all the times and dates refer to the exact same moment)

The Fortnite Korea Open should be livestreamed on the official Fortnite Twitch channel, but their main site also lists these stream links:

The English cast is by ZekimusPrime and MonsterDFace.

The event is similar to the Pro-Am in June, and will pit a plethora of content creators and famous Korean figures against each other in two show matches and a duo match. All prize money will be donated to charity.

The most recognizable figures for the Western audience include:

  • Tfue
  • Myth
  • NickEh30
  • KittyPlays
  • Morgausse
  • YoyoKeepItUp

For those familiar with Korean Esports, some of the following pros are attending:

  • Jaedong
  • Yellow
  • Cpt Jack


Show Matches:

  • 3 Kills: 1 point
  • 5 Kills: 1 point
  • 7 Kills: 1 point

  • Top 10 Placement: 1 point
  • Top 3 Placement: 1 point
  • Victory Royale: 1 point

+1 point for every kill after 7 kills.

Duo Match:

  • Victory Royale: 30 Points
  • 2-10 Placement: 20 Points
  • 11-20 Placement: 15 Points
  • 21-30 Placement: 10 Points

  • +1 point for each kill

If everyone in your duo survives and you get a Victory Royale, you get 100 points.


All prize money will be donated to charity. 10,000,000 Won is roughly equal to $10,000 USD  The prize distribution of the event is a little bit complicated however:

Show Matches:

Duo Match:

This event has been advertised widely in Korea as Epic Games pushes their Korean release. Their advertising has included featuring Chris Pratt challenging the Koreans to get their game on: 


Show Match 




Duo Match 


Final Standings:


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