Fortnite x Marshmello In-Game Concert Event and Challenges

 • Jan 30, 2019

Fortnite x Marshmello In-Game Concert Event and Challenges

Here's a full replay version of of the Marshmello event today!

There are also a set of Showtime Challenges that come with the event, which expire February 4, 12:00am PST / 3am EST / 8pm GMT / 9pm CET / 7pm AEDT. Scroll down for help with the challenges!

In the v7.30 Patch, a bunch of trucks have started to set up a stage in Pleasant Park:

Over the past few weeks, a few leaks had led to rumours that the electronic music DJ and producer Marshmello and Fortnite would be doing some sort of collaboration for an in-game event. After this week's patch, this image started to circulate:

Marshmello has also added Pleasant Park to his tour schedule:

A bug in Fortnite's replay mode led to some parties getting a sneak preview of the concert as well. For the purposes of not spoiling the event, we've decided not to embed the post in this article. However, for interested parties, you may visit this link.

Showtime Challenges Guide:

Search a Showtime Poster:

These posters look like the poster above. You can find them in any named location on the side of a building:

Visit the Event Venue:

The event venue is at Pleasant Park. You'll see a gigantic stage set up where the football field is. It looks like this:

Use Keep It Mello at a Trucker's oasis, ice cream parlor, and a frozen lake:

You'll unlock the Keep It Mello emote after you've visited the Event Venue. From there, you just want to use that particular dance at these locations (credit to @ItsEnergie):

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