Fortnite Overtime Challenges: Info, Rewards, and Guides!

 • Feb 14, 2019

Fortnite Overtime Challenges: Info, Rewards, and Guides!

Fortnite has recently released the Overtime challenges in the v7.40 Patch. These challenges are similar to the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges where they will slowly be unlocked every few days. Here are the currently available challenges:

There are 20 of these challenges that will be made available. Epic has also announced that completing 13 of these by February 27, 2019 will receive the Season 8 Battle Pass for free!


Though these challenges are relatively simple, we've decided we would include some guidance for some of the less-straightforward ones for those who might need it:

Collect 15 Coins in Featured Creative Islands

To do this, you must access one of the featured creative islands in creative mode. Here's a video showing how: 

We would suggest tollmolia's MOVE! map, as it has coins readily available for you to collect. Here is a video preview of the map:

Search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or an RV park

This is a really simple challenge. You can find the motel and RV park as marked on this map here:

These locations are kind of small and don't have much to go around, so it might be difficult to finish this challenge ASAP. Make sure you pay attention to ammo boxes, as these will be more plentiful and will likely help you complete the challenge quicker.

Regain health from a Campfire in 3 different matches

Previously, the only way to use a campfire was by finding one randomly. However, since environmental campfires were added, this challenge is fairly simply to complete. You tend to take a little bit of damage (you can use a Stink Bomb, take fall damage, etc.) and then visit one of the campfires located on this map:

Viking Village has a very high concentration of campfires if you're really struggling to find one that's unused.

Visit different waterfalls

For this challenge players simply need to locate and stand near a total of 7 different waterfalls within the Fortnite map. Below you can find a map listing each and every waterfall location:

These locations can be visited at any point in the match. We recommend landing near Paradise Palms and working your way toward Loot Lake if the storm permits.

Search chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or a dance club

There's two dance clubs, the one to the east of Happy Hamlet and the Hero Mansion (the hero mansion has a lot less traffic). We've marked these locations on a map for you:

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