Fortnite Quadcrasher Spawn Map and Information

 • Oct 16, 2018

Fortnite Quadcrasher Spawn Map and Information

The Quadcrasher is a new vehicle introduced to Fortnite with the v6.10 patch. These vehicles seat two people and have a rocket boost function that allows you to punch through obstacles and other destructible objects as you can see in this video:

We've spent today gathering info and making a map of all the spawn locations in the game (we will be updating this map if we missed any):

The Quadcrashers spawns are not guaranteed, although they do tend to be extremely common. They're spread out very evenly around the map and can make map rotations extremely quick and easy. Keeping their spawn locations in mind can really help you out if you're looking for a path out of the storm!

You can find them placed in a variety of ways including inside buildings, on trucks, on wagons attached to vehicles, in parking lots, and more!

The big barn in Fatal Fields:

On a podium inside a building in Paradise Palms:

On trucks:

On wagons:

Out in the open in Wailing Woods:

Special thanks to the following for providing map info:

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