Fortnite Season 8 New Map Areas and Changes Cinematic

 • Feb 28, 2019

Fortnite Season 8 New Map Areas and Changes Cinematic

Fortnite Season 8 has just gone live worldwide for all players! Below you can find a cinematic movie highlighting most of if not all the new areas and some changes to the map.

A huge thanks goes to @WYuezhong for the videography!

The song used is Epic Pirate Music by Pirate Crew.

A giant brick pig has appeared Southwest of Lucky Landing!

A wooden rabbit has appeared North of Snobby Shores!

Two houses just outside of Retail have been remodeled!

Two houses to the South of Haunted Hills are slowly falling into disrepair.

A Pirate truck has appeared East of Junk Junction, and an entire caravan of Pirate trucks have appeared South of Paradise Palms!

A movie star appears to have moved into a new log cabin east of the volcano!

Mysterious fans have been installed in the ground inside and outside of Research Stations. Many think that they have something to do with the new Hamster ball vehicles that are coming to Fortnite in a later patch!

The so-called “broken” houses in Pleasant Park and Salty Springs have been remodeled!

Tucked away in the Southeast corner of Lazy Lagoon is a pirate hideout with a hidden chest!

The grey house with a porch just to the Northeast of Salty Springs has been remodeled!

A clever “ForkKnife” shaped divot in the ground has appeared on the Northwest side of Fatal Fields!

A cool Stone Face with sunglasses can be found on the lower side of the volcano, towards Lazy Lagoon!

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