Fortnite Season 8 New Ping System

 • Feb 28, 2019

Fortnite Season 8 New Ping System

The Season 8 patch in Fortnite brought a massive host of new changes. The Pirate Cannon, new POIs, the Volcano - all amazing changes that have brought new life into the game.

However, one of the more understated changes is the new ping system. Taking a page from Apex Legends' book, Epic has implemented an improved ping system in Fortnite. You can now assign a keybind to place a marker on the map:

When you press that button on anywhere in the map, it drops a ping. Double tapping the button does a danger ping. Pinging objects such as items or chests provides a special ping as well. You can see these pings demonstrated in the video below:

A lot of the community seems to be frowning upon Epic for copying Apex' system. However, it's honestly one of the largest quality of life improvements to Fortnite made, and we're super happy that it's accelerated Fortnite's improvements. Enjoy!

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