Fortnite Season 9 Complete Fortbytes Image Leaked

 • Jun 22, 2019

Fortnite Season 9 Complete Fortbytes Image Leaked

Fortbytes are a new addition to Fortnite's Season 9 Battle Pass. Simply put, Fortbytes are a set of 100 Challenges to complete, each Challenge unlocks a slice of a bigger image and collecting at least 90 Fortbytes will unlock the Singularity skin.

Fortbytes Challenges unlock daily at 6AM PT; you can access the Fortbytes UI via the Challenges tab in the Battle Royale lobby menu.

Complete Image

Following the v9.30 update, all slices of the Fortbyte image have been obtained via the game files. This is the entire image that will display in the menus once all 100 Fortbytes have been obtained.

The meaning behind this image is unclear. First and foremost, Bunker Jonesy can be seen covered in paint and crawling on a floor covered in eerie drawings. Various storyline-related drawings can be seen on this wall such as the Cube, Rocket, Loot Lake Vault, Volcano, Polar Peak Monster, Battle Bus, and more. It's possible that this will be a hint toward Season 10, we'll have to wait and see.

Singularity Skin

Upon collecting 90 Fortbytes, players will unlock the Singularity skin, seen below. This skin features multiple stages which will change its appearance.

Fortbyte Challenges

We've compiled all Fortbyte Challenges into their own article and Tweet on and @FNMasterCom respectively, take a look if you're struggling!

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