Season 9 New Map Areas and Changes Cinematic

 • May 09, 2019

Season 9 New Map Areas and Changes Cinematic

Fortnite Season 9 has arrived! Below you'll find a cinematic movie highlighting new areas and changes in the map.

A big thanks to @WYuezhong for the videography!

Song in the video is Cyberpunk Music by siriusblck3

Here are some screenshots of all the changes:

Tilted has been completely rebuilt to be more modern and futuristic. Welcome to Neo Tilted!

Retail row has been remodeled to include a brand new Mega Mall

A pressure plant has been built inside the Volcano!

Loot Lake has some new modern buildings

A new desert estate has been built behind Paradise Palms

Seven floating sky platforms have appeared in different areas across the map

Split streams are the new form of movement! Hop in one and let the wind carry you all around the map

Blimps now float through the sky with advertisements for in-game establishments like the Durrr Burger

In a confusing turn of events, the pirate fort on the hill next to Fatal has reverted back into the original house

A broken down clock tower has appeared in the corner of Junk Junction

Windmills have appeared across the northwest part of the map. Some even have chests on top!

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