All Fortnite Season X v10.00 Map Changes - Dusty Depot, Rift Zones, and more

 • Aug 01, 2019

All Fortnite Season X v10.00 Map Changes - Dusty Depot, Rift Zones, and more

Fortnite Season X is here! While a quick glance at the map may seem disappointing, there were many small to mid-sized changes map to the Battle Royale map. The original Dusty Depot and accompanying Factories have returned and various Rift Zones have appeared around the map due to the out of time theme of the Season.

We've also put together a cinematic video showcasing the main changes, check it out below...

Here you can find all changes that we've gathered. Did we missing anything? Tweet us @FNMasterCom!

Dusty Depot

We don't necessarily recall Dusty Depot being as popular as it's said to be today, but nostalgia is a hell of a drug! The three warehouses have returned to their position toward the center of the map along with the iconic "OG Factories" nearby. The Divot caused by the Meteor is no-more, Dusty is at peace... For the time being.

Loot appears to be in the original spawn locations upon first glance, but it's likely some tuning was done for a more balanced distribution.

Loot Lake

The Zero Point appears to have been frozen in time just moments after it exploded, preventing a certain destruction of the entire map. Players who enter the Zero Point will be teleported to the sky, just as the Rifts of previous seasons functioned.

Monster's Skeleton

The skeleton of the fallen Cattus Monster remains in its final resting point, however, a beautiful array of flowers and trees have grown around the area.


The Season 3-4 Meteor has returned but has been stopped in its path of destruction toward Dusty Depot by some sort of space-time non-sense. The Visitor's pod can be found within the Meteor, empty and opened, indicating that The Visitor is hiding somewhere in the map... Are we rewriting the Fortnite storyline from the beginning?

Players who land on the Meteor are equipped with a temporary low-gravity effect to negate any fall damage which may occur when jumping off of the Meteor.

Paradise Palms

The 'Now entering Paradise' sign outside of Paradise Palms has changed to tease the possible return of Moisty Mire?


The large structure which has went through phases of being a spaceship, sled, and chair has once again returned to its chair form.

A nod to the late Flush Factory in the form of a tower with a toilet positioned on top has been added just West of Polar Peak.

A gang of Garden Gnomes have set-up base on a shed location West of Pleasant Park... Don't mess with these guys.

A small building South of Paradise Palms appears to have been taken over by an eerie tree growth?

A personal drive-in theater has been established East of Sunny Steps, it features the Risky Reels sign as a homage to the former point of interest. The films featured on the sign read "Prepare for Collision", "The misadventures of look and salem", and "The Incredible Izzie".

The shack located North of Fatal Fields continues to expand as yet another floor has been added.

The vehicular robot structure near the RV Park is now missing an arm, similar to the Doggus Mecha from the Season 9 Finale event.

A small shack near the abandoned Villain's Lair has defied the laws of gravity and is entirely upside-down.

The crashed Battle Bus outside of the Umbrella quarry has mysteriously disappeared.

The small village outside of Paradise Palms, known as Westworld, has received a new (empty) water tower. Perhaps this will be used in a future Challenge.

All of the chairs which filled a house in Westworld are now replaced by TVs.

As is the case with the miniature Risky Reels, Lazy Links has returned in the form of a small shack near Lazy Lagoon.

A giant teddy bear can be found in a shack outside of Paradise Palms, likely to be used in a future Challenge.

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