Fortnite Singularity Outfit Helmet Locations

 • Jul 16, 2019

Fortnite Singularity Outfit Helmet Locations

The Singularity outfit is unlocked when you have unlocked 90 Fortbytes. Once you've unlocked it, you can find helmets of differing colors all over the map. You have to be wearing the Singularity outfit in order to collect them. You can get the helmets at these spots on the map:

A big credit to TheVisionaryOne for helping out with all the screenshots and locations!

The Cuddle Helmet (Pink) can be found at Pressure Plant, behind the Robot’s legs on a metal platform.

The Rex Helmet (Olive Green/Orange) can be found behind a tree near the Salty Springs sky platform.

The Drift Helmet (Pink/White) can be found buried in the snow amongst the rubble at Polar Peak.

The Durr Helmet (Blue/Orange) can be found on a metal platform in front of the Neo Tilted Singularity statue.

The Tomato Helmet (Red/Light Green) can be found on a small overlook in Loot Lake.

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