Fortnite AMA 2/22/19 - Devs Talk About Upcoming Changes

 • Feb 22, 2019

Fortnite AMA 2/22/19 - Devs Talk About Upcoming Changes

The Fortnite developers ran an AMA today where they dropped a bunch of bombshells regarding upcoming changes to the game and what's being worked on in the lead up to Season 8. The new season launches on Thursday, February 28.

We've picked out the most important replies for you to read here:

1. Planes are being vaulted at the start of Season 8.

2. Double shotgun is not returning.

3. There is a chance for old, popular POIs like Risky Reels or Factories to come back.

4. Respawning is a mechanic that Epic is currently exploring and might bring to Fortnite.

5. A new single-occupancy vehicle is in the works, and the Driftboard might stick around for a little while longer than expected.

6. Improvements for team communication are being worked on.

7.  🤷‍♂️ - Is anything ever really safe? 

8. If you unlock the Season 8 Battle Pass via the Overtime challenges, you can purchase the Season 8 Battle Bundle at a discounted price.

9. The account creation date restriction for merging is currently not being considered for change due to the potential for fraud and abuse.

10. New SEA server for Xbox is being worked on.

11. Saved outfit presets in the Locker have been called "a cool idea", but is not yet being worked on.

12. No plan to bring back bouncers :(

13. Gameplay sound improvements coming in season 8:

14. Ways to eliminate accidental purchases in the shop are being worked on.

15 Bananas?

16. Ranked mode is something Epic expects to be working on over time, making more and more iterations of it. Pop-up cups are their first step.

You can visit the reddit thread here. There will be another AMA for Save the World on February 27, 4-5 PM ET.

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