All Fortnite v10.10 Map Changes - Retail Row Rift Zone, Kevin Memorial, and more

 • Aug 14, 2019

All Fortnite v10.10 Map Changes - Retail Row Rift Zone, Kevin Memorial, and more

Fortnite v10.10 is here with a few minor changes to the map, along with a new Rift Zone... Retail Row!

Here you can find all changes that we've gathered. Did we missing anything? Tweet us @FNMasterCom!

Retail Row (Rift Zone)

Out with the new, in the with the old? Mega Mall has been replaced by Retail Row, but there's a catch - everybody's favorite horde of monsters is back.. Yay? Thankfully, the Horde will not leave the Rift Zone. Check out the trailer for the Retail Row Rift Zone here.

Kevin Memorial

Two memorial sites for Kevin The Cube have been added to the map; one where Kevin initially came into the world, and one where Kevin temporarily left us.

Fun Fact: The Cube was nicknamed Kevin because the Moderators of the /r/FortniteBR subreddit blacklisted any discussion of the Cube during its prime-time event. Users then proceeded to wholesomely name the Cube to both give it personality and evade the Moderator's filters. Funnily enough, Epic has referred to the Cube as Kevin on multiple occasions at this point - it's official!

Paradise Palms

Grass has began to grow in Paradise Palms... But wait, isn't Paradise located in the middle of a desert?

Hmm, something moist would have to be causing this...


A trophy for the Fortnite World Cup Solos Champion Bugha can be found in Lucky Landing.

A trophy for the Fortnite World Cup Duos Champions Nyhrox and aqua can be found in Happy Hamlet.

A trophy for the Fortnite World Cup Creative Champions Cizzors, hiimtylerh, zand, and Suezhoo can be found on the Creative Mode island.

The small shack sat atop a hill in Lucky Landing has received some minor changes.

Construction of a new Rift Beacon is underway at Dusty Depot, but because of how often the Rift Zone related changes occur, we'll keep you updated on our Twitter.

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