All Fortnite v10.20 Map Changes - Pandora Rift Zone, Visitor Research, and more

 • Aug 28, 2019

All Fortnite v10.20 Map Changes - Pandora Rift Zone, Visitor Research, and more

The Fortnite v10.20 patch has brought mayhem to the world of Fortnite with the Pandora Rift Zone! A few other minor changes have been discovered. one of which potentially hinting at an upcoming skin.

Here you can find all changes that we've gathered. Did we missing anything? Tweet us @FNMasterCom!

Pandora (Rift Zone)

Cross the border into crazy and check out a Rift Zone based on Pandora - the mysterious planet in which the Borderlands series takes place. Not only are there new points of interest to discover, this Rift Zone features Cel Shading which gives the world of Fortnite that authentic Borderlands art style.

Just be sure to not get caught on in between the Rift Zone or you'll end up like this poor dinosaur!

Dusty Depot

Who we assume to be The Visitor continues their research on Rift Beacons and the B.R.U.T.E.s in one of the Dusty Depot warehouses. We've recently learned that this location is where the Rift Beacons which appear prior to a Rift Zone are assembled before being shipped off to their destination.

But what is the Visitor's plan...?

Tilted Town

The Tilted Town point of interest received a minor change to its layout which is intended to help players with late-game traversal through the location.

Added traversable paths that connect the town to the surrounding hills. This is to improve the experience in late-game circles that take place at Tilted Town.

Haunted Hills

A new statue has quietly been placed in Haunt Hills. This statue resembles the Love Ranger (Cupid) skin which was released some time ago, leaks and theories suggest that this may be our first look at an upcoming Female Love Ranger skin.

Fatal Fields

Last but certainly not least, the shack which sits on the edge of Fatal Fields continues to grow as a stylish new roof was just added. Unfortunately, this likely means that it won't grow any taller.

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