All Fortnite v11.30 Map Changes - Shiver Inn, Snowfall, and more

 • Dec 13, 2019

All Fortnite v11.30 Map Changes - Shiver Inn, Snowfall, and more

Winter is here! The Fortnite v11.30 patch has brought snow to the Chapter 2 Battle Royale map, along with a few changes to various Landmarks and points of interest.

Shiver Inn

A new Landmark called the Shiver Inn has been added to the map. This location is an icy hotel with various ice sculptures and snowmen scattered around the premises as well as a beautiful aesthetic inside and out.

Dance Club

The Mountaintop House has been transformed into a Dance Club.

Crackshot's Cabin

Crackshot's Cabin from the Season 7 story cinematic can now be found near the Eye Land. Fun Fact: It was recently revealed that the entirety of the Season 7 Trailer was filmed fully in stop motion!

Risky Reels

Preparations for the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker exclusive scene premiere continue as Risky Reels has been transformed into a futuristic viewing area.  Be sure to tune in on Saturday, December 14th at 2PM Eastern.


The most obvious change from the v11.30 patch is that snow has began to fall on the Chapter 2 map. Each day, more and more snow is covering the island - eventually, around Christmas (December 25th), the entire island is expected to be covered. As of the day of the patch, the snow is only covering a few areas.

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