All Fortnite v8.40 Map Changes - Loot Lake Gateway, Pleasant Park Bunkers, and more

 • Apr 17, 2019

All Fortnite v8.40 Map Changes - Loot Lake Gateway, Pleasant Park Bunkers, and more

Fortnite v8.40 has went live with a significant amount of changes to the Battle Royale map. The most significant of which is the Gateway which was unearthed at Loot Lake following the excavation efforts.

Here you can find all changes that we've gathered. Did we missing anything? Tweet us @FNMasterCom!

Loot Lake

The unknown party's excavation efforts have finally come to fruition as a massive gateway has been revealed to be beneath Loot Lake.

The steel floors which were found at the bottom of each excavation site around the map appear to have been leading to this. It's currently unknown what this may lead to, but it's likely that we will see a large-scale event in the near future.

Pleasant Park

Two new hidden bunkers have been added to seperate houses in Pleasant Park. Each bunker features mysterious lair-like properties such as a control panel, scientific testing equipment, and more.

Retail Row

A new bunker can also be found in the garage of the house located directly behind Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit in Retail Row.

The Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit and Durr Buger restaurants located in Retail Row now feature their respective mascot heads; bringing the rivalry to an all-time high.


Mr. and Mrs. Stone's journey continues as Mr. Stone has began to climb down the hill, toward Mrs. Stone as she watches worriedly.

Snobby Shores

The Viking takeover continues as the second to last house has been converted to Viking territory. The final house is currently under attack.


Two telephone props have been placed on the map which will be used during the Season 8 Week 8 Challenges. Each telephone corresponds to a restaurant located in Retail Row; the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit telephone can be found east of The Block, while the Durr Burger telephone can be found west of Fatal Fields.

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