All Fortnite v9.30 Map Changes - Loot Lake Footprint, Stone Family, and more

 • Jun 18, 2019

All Fortnite v9.30 Map Changes - Loot Lake Footprint, Stone Family, and more

Fortnite v9.30 has went live with a significant amount of changes to the Battle Royale map. The most significant of which is the footprint and destruction which has occurred at Loot Lake.

Here you can find all changes that we've gathered. Did we missing anything? Tweet us @FNMasterCom!

Loot Lake

Following seemingly random destruction of two houses, one at Snobby Shores and one at Pleasant Park, a massive footprint and lots of destruction has appeared at Loot Lake. This footprint matches that which was seen near Polar Peak following the creature withins escape.

The large power line connecting the Loot Lake Bunker to Neo Tilted has also been damaged, what this means for the future of Tilted is unknown.

Stone Family

The Stone Family continues to thrive as Mr. and Mrs. Stone can be found working on their garden, while Stone Jr. and the Stone Dog are playing nearby in the forest.


Various Summer-themed props can now be found around the map, included are Beach Balls which the player can interact with, Umbrellas, and a Sno Cone truck.

Fatal Fields

The once-destroyed shed near Fatal Fields has received a third floor and many wooden pallets.

Paradise Palms

The Wick residence found just beyond Paradise Palms has been slightly alternated to include solar panels, a Chest spawn can be found beneath the panels.

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