Fortnite v8.01 (Season 8) Chest Spawns Map

 • Mar 08, 2019

Fortnite v8.01 (Season 8) Chest Spawns Map

So a couple of weeks back, @TSM_Myth was asking for a reliable, updated resource on all the treasure map spawns. 


We decided we'd take a stab at it. To see the details of the map, you have to click on the image to open a larger version. 

As a disclaimer, we're fairly certain this is 99% accurate, meaning that there may be a few chest spawns we may have missed. However, every spawn was found via a Replay Mode of a Playground game on the v8.01 patch, meaning that this will be the most updated map available on the internet yet.

You can view and download the highest res version of this map here. Be careful of clicking this link though, it's a massive image (97.3 MB, 9908x9908) and it'll most likely cause whatever web browser you're using to lag.

Here is another link for the highest res version of the map. This is view only, and will lag a lot less for viewing.

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