Fortnite Winterfest Challenges Guide

 • Dec 19, 2019

Fortnite Winterfest Challenges Guide

Hanging on the fireplace of the Winterfest Lodge is a stocking full of more rewards to unlock. Check your stocking each day to get a new Challenge that you can complete for rewards and XP.

Mission Objectives

Day 1: Deal (200) damage to opponents with a Snowball Launcher

The Legendary Snowball Launcher is a limited-time winter-themed variant of the Grenade Launcher weapon.

It shares the exact same statistics and properties as the Grenade Launcher, therefore you should be familiar with its mechanics and best use cases. For the newer players, it’s a pretty simple concept - but the best use case for this weapon is to shoot its projectiles into your enemy’s build.

Day 2: Stroke a Campfire

To Stroke a Campfire, you need to acquire 30 Wood and then locate and light an Environmental Campfire anywhere in the map. Once you’ve done so, you can interact with the Campfire again to Stroke it which will grant you an HP boost.

Day 3: (5) Eliminations with an Unvaulted Weapon

Each day of Winterfest, a previously Vaulted weapon will return to Fortnite Battle Royale for only 24 hours. On the day of this Challenge's release, the Unvaulted Weapon of the day will be the Flint-Knock Pistol.

If you're completing this Challenge after Day 3, check our Twitter @FNMasterCom to learn what the current Unvaulted Weapon is!

Day 4: Hide inside a Sneaky Snowman in (2) different matches

The Sneaky Snowman is a Rare consumable item found in floor loot, chests, and supply drops that camouflages the player as a snowman, very fitting for Winterfest! It can absorb up to 100 damage before being destroyed. To hide inside of a Sneaky Snowman, simply use the secondary fire button while it is equipped.

Tip: As of the v11.30 update, you can destroy the Sneaky Snowman to obtain Snowballs which can be used against enemies.

Day 5: Warm yourself by the fireplace in the Winterfest Lodge

To warm yourself by the fireplace, simply visit the Winterfest Lodge and interact with the Toasty! prompt which can be found at the Fireplace.

Doing this will grant you random amounts of Supercharged XP that you can use to temporarily grant yourself 3.75x the usual XP earn rate.

Day 6: Dance at Holiday trees in (5) different Named Locations

Decorated Holiday Trees can be found all over the map during Winterfest, as indicated on the map above. Simply use any Emote while standing nearby 5 of these trees to complete this Challenge.

Day 7: Search a Chest within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus

Practically any location on the map will work for this Challenge, therefore there's not much guidance we can provide. But with that being said, take a look at our favorite Drop Spot in the current map, Camp Cod. The 16 individual Chest spawns for it can be found below!

Day 8: Use (2) Presents!

This requirements for this Challenge are referring to the Legendary Present loot item which can be found in Chests and Floor Loot all around the map. Simply use throw two of the Presents to complete this Challenge.

Day 9: Open (1) Frozen Loot

Frozen Loot is a limited-time environmental object which resembles a giant ice cube and contains random loot. Each cube has 3,500 HP and takes 35-70 hits with a Pickaxe to break, but they'll often contain full stacks of items.

Day 10: Deal damage to an opponent with a Lump of Coal

Lumps of Coal are loot which can be found in Presents and Ice Boxes, the locations of the latter can be found on the map above. Be weary that the Lump of Coal will not instantly eliminate your opponent, hence it dropping in stacks of 5 - instead, it will deal 20 damage.

Tip: When thrown into a burning campfire, the fire will automatically stroke, saving you 30 wood.

Day 11: Destroy a Sneaky Snowman with a Lightsaber or Pickaxe

Futuristic blue Chests have a chance of spawning in the location which a normal Chest would typically spawn. These special Chests will grant the player four different Lightsabers along with a random Healing Item.

Pro-Tip: You can Dodge Roll with a Lightsaber by pressing the Block and Jump buttons at the time same!

Day 12: Destroy (3) Snowflake Decorations

Snowflake Decorations can be found in various named locations around the map. There are multiple decorations for each of these points of interest, so the map above simply marks an area where you'll find them.

These snowflakes are most often found in windows on houses, strung on Christmas lights, and near the roof of various structures.

Day 13: Search (2) Ice Boxes

Ice Boxes can be found all around the map, typically inside of Gas Station. See the above map for a few of the locations.

Day 14: Visit The Workshop, Crackshot's Cabin, and Mr. Polar's Artisanal Ice

All of the following locations are Landmarks which can be found on the map above, simply walk within their vicinity to complete each stage of this Challenge.

Day 15: Light a Frozen Firework found on beaches in Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs, or Dirty Docks

To light the Firework, simply stand near it and use the interact key as the on-screen prompt instructs.

Day 16: Search (2) Ammo Boxes at The Workshop, Shiver Inn, or Ice Throne

Because of the vast amounts of Ammo Boxes scattered around the map, we cannot provide a detailed map of Ammo Box spawns, but you shouldn't have any issues finding them in any of the required locations.

For reference, The Workshop is a landmark which was previously known as Logjam Woodworks - and is probably the best location to land to complete this Challenge.


  1. Grumbly Night Uncommon Loading Screen
  2. Christmas Sweater Uncommon Banner
  3. Falling Snow Rare Wrap
  4. Shaolin Sip Uncommon Emote
  5. Back Bling
  6. Bundle Up Uncommon Emoji
  7. Back Bling
  8. Snowy Rare Pickaxe
  9. The Crackdown Rare Music
  10. Back Bling
  11. Chillshot Uncommon Spray
  12. Snow Crystal Epic Back Bling
  13. Polar Renegade Uncommon Spray
  14. Snowflake Uncommon Banner
  15. 2020 Rare Glider
  16. Disco Dive Rare Contrail
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