Fortnitemares Challenge Part 1 Guides

 • Oct 24, 2018

Fortnitemares Challenge Part 1 Guides

The Fortnitemares challenges are being released in 4 stages - here are maps and info to help you complete the 1st.

Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches (0/7)

The corrupted areas haven't changed since the start of the Season, and are visible on the map without markers. Even so:

You just have to visit a new one in different games.

Destroy Cube Monsters (0/200)

You can find Cube Monster spawns all over the map. They're extremely loud and conspicuous and will spawn zombies whenever you get remotely close to them (you'll see an example in the video below). All you have to do is kill 200 of them. 

This is more time consuming than difficult. Some notes:

  • Zombies drop loot and ammo, so you won't have to worry about running out of either
  • Zombies also give shield when you kill them, so if you're going to take a hit have some shield on first
  • Zombies have massive hitboxes for their heads, so just aim for the general vicinity of them
  • Be very careful of getting third partied while killing the zombies. You will spend a ton of ammo killing them, and it's very easy for someone to catch you off guard when you have to reload all your guns
  • Zombies also do not drop mats, so you'll have to farm them up before fighting them

Deal damage with Assault Rifles/Pistols to Cube Monsters (0/5000)

These are all the weapons you will have at your disposal:

You can easily find them off the zombies that spawn. Just go zombie hunting and pick up the loot, and you'll complete this in no time.

Dance in Front of Different Gargoyles (0/5)

The Gargoyles look like this in game. Note the special sound when you get near them. 

All you have to do is dance in front of 5 of these! You can find their locations in game as marked on this map here:

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