Fortnitemares Challenges Part 2 Guide

 • Oct 26, 2018

Fortnitemares Challenges Part 2 Guide

Part 2 of the Fortnitemares challenges have just been released! Here's our short guide to finishing the second part.

Guide to Part 1

Destroy Cube Fiends (0/150)

The cube fiends are the weaker and smaller zombies that spawn from the cube structures. Here's a picture:

These fiends are really easy to kill with a headshot or two depending on your weapon. The fact that zombies drop items and ammo make the largest obstacles in this challenge time and getting 3rd partied. Here's some tips for this:

  • Try to clear zombies in a secluded area 
    • Cube structures spawn all over the map - if you keep getting third partied, you might want to find a spot in a remote corner that may be outside of the safe zone
  • Conserve your ammo
    • Since zombies have a large headshot hitbox, don't wildly spray and pray, tap fire on your AR or SMG to make sure you're not burning through your ammo magazines
    • Doing so will make it more likely that you won't have to reload if a third party comes to gank you
  • Make sure you have some building materials farmed before attempting to clear out monsters
    • Generally killing zombies doesn't give you many materials
    • Having mats will make it so that you can respond to people attempting to third party you while you engage in the PvE fun
  • Don't just ignore the other zombies, just kill everything since you'll get ammo, shields, and loot back

Deal damage with Shotguns or SMGs to Cube Monsters (0/5000)

These are your options for completing this challenge. Zombies don't tend to drop anything about a Blue rarity (although it is possible), so if you want to use a Heavy or Double Barrel shotgun, you might have better luck looking for one from Supply Drops first then heading to a zombiefest. Pumps, Tacts, and regular SMGs tend to be extremely common and should be a part of your regular loadout anyway, so finding something to complete this challenge isn't too much of a worry.

Some tips on doing this:

  • Follow the advice from the previous challenge
    • Have mats
    • Don't overshoot and empty your ammo frivolously
    • If you keep dying to 3rd parties try a more secluded area
  • Since Overkill damage is still recorded  (so if a zombie has 50hp and you hit it for 170, it still records 170 damage being dealt), using a Tactical Shotgun is most likely one of the fastest ways to complete this challenge
    • The Tactical Shotgun can easily get you more than 100 damage a shot at a fire rate of essentially a shot a second. 

Eliminate opponents at Corrupted Areas (0/3)

As Corrupted Areas have guaranteed zombie spawns, you might want to bait out some third parties by clearing monsters in the area. You probably don't need a map for where the Corrupted Areas are, but here's one anyway:

Fighting zombies creates a lot of noise since you'll be shooting a lot to kill them, so you will probably attract other enemies. Here's some tips to help you complete this challenge:

  • Generally, the best way to get these eliminations is to wait in hiding, and then third party someone who comes by to kill zombies
    • When doing this, you probably want to make sure that the area is clear and there aren't other people with the same idea
    • If you're good with a sniper, you can definitely catch people off guard while they're fighting off zombies
    • Another good thing to do is to keep track of how much ammo the person is using on zombies - if they've used a bunch of shotgun shots, it makes it a lot easier to engage them
  • When a person comes to third party you, build immediately around yourself and disengage the zombies
    • Try to figure out where the shots are coming from once you've built yourself some cover
      • Make sure you know how many people are shooting at you and from where
      • If there's only one person, you can build fight them and engage them
      • If there's more than one person, consider building up higher and disengaging by redeploying your glider
  • All of the Corrupted Areas (save for the one in Wailing Woods) is near high action named locations
    • If you're going to camp an area, watch out for the closest exits from those named locations, as that's where traffic will most likely come from
  • Be careful of the craters that launch you into the air
    • Your enemies can use this extra mobility to push you from unpredictable angles and get the jump on you

Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different named locations (0/7)

These are the Ghost Decorations that you have to destroy:

They die in literally a single hit, so the challenge here is just visiting 7 different named locations with the decorations. Almost every named location should have ghosts hanging from lamp posts or building entrances. Here's a map marking the named locations that contain them:

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