Fortnitemares Challenges Part 3 Guide

 • Oct 28, 2018

Fortnitemares Challenges Part 3 Guide

Part 3 of the Fortnitemares challenges have just been released! Here's our short guide to finishing the third part, which will unlock a new contrail!

Links to previous guides:

Destroy Cube Brutes (0/25)

The cube fiends are the larger and beefier zombies that spawn from the cube structures. Here's a picture:

Like the previous eliminate Cube Monster challenges, you want to follow these same tips from the previous parts:

  • Try to clear zombies in a secluded area 
    • Cube structures spawn all over the map - if you keep getting third partied, you might want to find a spot in a remote corner that may be outside of the safe zone
  • Conserve your ammo
    • Since zombies have a large headshot hitbox, don't wildly spray and pray, tap fire on your AR or SMG to make sure you're not burning through your ammo magazines
    • Doing so will make it more likely that you won't have to reload if a third party comes to gank you
  • Make sure you have some building materials farmed before attempting to clear out monsters
    • Generally killing zombies doesn't give you many materials
    • Having mats will make it so that you can respond to people attempting to third party you while you engage in the PvE fun
  • Don't just ignore the other zombies, just kill everything since you'll get ammo, shields, and loot back

In addition, the brutes have quite a bit of HP and can actually take quite a few shots to kill. Here's some extra tips:

  • The crossbow is silent and kills the brutes in 2 headshots, which is extremely easy to do, making it an ideal weapon for these challenges
  • Pump or Heavy shotguns are a little less efficient for killing brutes, as they have a long delay between each fire and a point blank headshot will not kill them
  • SMGs aren't as great either
    • They don't do a lot of damage per shot, meaning that they require much more ammo to take out a brute which might leave you open to a third party gank
  • Assault Rifles hit decently high and can kill brutes really quickly, making them a decent choice for clearing out zombies

Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters (0/2,000)

This is actually a fairly difficult challenge: explosive weapons are rare, and grenade launchers are quite tough to land on targets that are pushing you. These items are your options:

Apart from following previous tips, here's some additional advice and a breakdown on each weapon for this challenge:

  • Grenades and Grenade Launchers are really tricky to use, since getting a good bounce to hit the zombies that are afk rushing you will be really difficult
    • You best bet is to lob these at the cube monsters from a far enough range that they won't aggro on you and wait for the explosion to clear them out
  • Explosives have great AoE, meaning that you only need one to kill and damage multiple cube monsters for this challenge
    • A great tactic would be to go to a Corrupted Area with multiple Zombie Spawns, and mob a large amount of them into an area, and then throwing a Clinger or shooting a rocket into the middle of them
      • That one explosive will damage everything and give you a ton of progress on this challenge
    • The Quad Launcher and Rocket Launcher will probably the best weapon for this tactic due to how easy and quick it will be to aim and fire them into huge mobs of zombies
  • Don't use the Guided Missile - it does too little damage and is too slow to warrant use for this challenge

Search chests in Corrupted Areas (0/7)

All 7 corrupted areas have a total of three chest spawns for you to loot. This will be likely be one of the most frustrating challenges in the entire Fortnitemares event due to the following reasons:

  1. Each chest is not a guaranteed spawn
  2. There will be many people aiming to land at the corrupted areas to get the chests
  3. If you do not get a chest, you will probably not find any loot and will likely die to the people who got to open chests

This is our advice:

  • Check out the bus route at the start of the game, and head to one of the Corrupted Areas furthest away from the route
    • This will ensure that your competition for the chests will be minimal
  • Make sure you scout the area before landing - all the chests spawn around the center where the runes used to be/are, and you can spot them before landing
    • If there are no chests, you might want to alter your landing location to somewhere nearby with loot at least
      • You can also just instantly quit and requeue for another lobby
  • Keep track of how many people are landing at the chests, and take note of their altitude
    • If there are multiple people at a lower altitude than you, it's probably best you try for another landing location

Good luck!

Stage x: Visit ____________ (0/3)

This is really easy - just land at the locations listed for each stage. Here's a map marking the order of each location:

Some notes:

  • These locations are near corrupted areas - it might make sense to head over to try to complete some challenges after landing
  • If you just wanna get this over with, land at the location, kill yourself, rinse and repeat!
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