Fortnitemares Challenges Part 4 Guide

 • Oct 30, 2018

Fortnitemares Challenges Part 4 Guide

Part 4 and the final installment of the Fortnitemares challenges have just been released! Here's our short guide to finishing the final challenges, which will unlock a new unique Glider! 

Destroy Elite Cube Monsters (0/10)

Elite Cube Monsters glow, have more health and deal more damage than their non-elite counterparts. They also tend to be a lot rarer, but will spawn with greater frequency the longer the match goes on for.

  • Since these monsters have a lot of health, you want to use weapons that hit fairly high and have a good fire rate
    • the Semi-Automatic Sniper, Crossbow, Tactical Shotgun, Dual Pistols, and high rarity ARs are quite good at killing these elite mobs with minimal effort
      • These are great weapons for clearing out the smaller mobs too, which you will have to do anyway

And again, here are our tips for clearing zombies in general:

  • Try to clear zombies in a secluded area 
    • Cube structures spawn all over the map - if you keep getting third partied, you might want to find a spot in a remote corner that may be outside of the safe zone
  • Conserve your ammo
    • Since zombies have a large headshot hitbox, don't wildly spray and pray, tap fire on your AR or SMG to make sure you're not burning through your ammo magazines
    • Doing so will make it more likely that you won't have to reload if a third party comes to gank you
  • Make sure you have some building materials farmed before attempting to clear out monsters
    • Generally killing zombies doesn't give you many materials
    • Having mats will make it so that you can respond to people attempting to third party you while you engage in the PvE fun
  • Don't just ignore the other zombies, just kill everything since you'll get ammo, shields, and loot back

Damage Cube Fragments (0/2,500) & Destroy Cube Fragments (0/3) 

Damaging the cube fragments is really easy - just shoot them, pickaxe them, or chuck explosives at them. They do tend to have a lot of health however, and you will have to deal with the monsters spawning from them while you hit them, which makes destroying them a bit more of a commitment. Here are some notes on completing both these challenges:

  • Cube Fragments will spawn literally everywhere on the map
  • Try not to waste too much ammo on destroying/dealing damage to these
    • They have a lot of health and they'll soak up all your ammo leaving you completely defenseless
  • The best tactic we've found so far is to kill the surrounding zombies and pickaxe the structure until more spawn, then rinse and repeat
    • Pickaxing these is a really good way to destroy them because each swing does 75 damage
      • It also doesn't consume ammo as well, which really helps if you have to deal with someone else attacking you
    • Just be careful and keep moving when swinging your pickaxe so you aren't an easy sniper target
  • You get a lot of loot when the fragments are destroyed
    • There is a chance for legendary items to drop from these as well, so the rewards for breaking these are quite good

Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match (0/1,000)

Since you have to kill Monsters to complete these challenges, you won't have to go too far out of your way to complete this challenge at all. 1000 damage is a very small amount considering you have to kill 10 Elites for today's challenges, 25 brutes for Part 3, 150 fiends for Part 2, and 200 total for Part 1.

  • There are a couple of really good ways to do this:
    • If you land 4 Bolt Action Sniper headshots on 4 different brutes or elites, you will complete the challenge
    • If you land ~10 shotgun headshots, you will also probably complete the challenge
    • If you land 7 Hand Cannon headshots, guess what, you'll also have completed the challenge
  • Generally speaking, you should be able to do this quite easily - the only thing you have to worry about is other people ganking you while you're farming zombies
    • You can follow some of the tips we gave in above challenges to try to avoid this

Visit different Corrupted Areas in a single match (0/4)

Here's a current Fortnite map:

You only need to visit 4 of the Corrupted Areas in a single match, which is very doable since they're all quite close to each other. We have a couple suggestions to do this:

  • Salty Springs, the Racetrack, and Lazy Links have spawns for Quadcrashers and ATKs
    • Dropping at one of these locations and hopping into a vehicle to make a mad road trip around to hit the surrounding Corrupted Areas will be a very quick and easy way to visit 4 in one game
    • Driving on top of the craters with a Quadcrasher and then using the boost while midair can get you a lot of distance
      • Just be sure to land on all 4 wheels
  • If you don't want to use vehicles, you can make use of the Glider Redeploy, build up high, and glide to the next Corrupted Area
    • You can use the Floating Island vortex as well to speed up a rotation
  • Since methods of travel have gotten quite a lot faster than just running somewhere - try your best to disengage any fight and just focus on hitting all 4 areas in a single game.
    • It will be hard to hit 4 areas without actually going out of your way, so you should just dedicate a game to doing this
    • If you see an unopened chest at a Corrupted Area, you ought to stop and open it to complete the "Open a Chest at a Corrupted Area" challenge fromPart 3!

Complete Fortnitemares challenges (0/14)

This is rather self-explanatory. We'll include links to the rest of our guides again for if you need them!

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