FortniteMaster Gameplay Review Video

 • Nov 11, 2018

FortniteMaster Gameplay Review Video

As promised, this week’s video is a review of a full game with analysis and commentary by our writer (Feint_XO) and our voiceover guy (TheSavedOne). They discuss the plays and decisions made throughout the game that led to a win. Here's the video:

This our first attempt at a video like this and we've got a lot of ideas on how to improve the analysis and commentary within the videos. This video isn't meant to be a highlight reel, but rather an analysis of an average game to showcase how you guys can review and learn from your own gameplay. We’re going for something quite chill that you can have playing in the background while you work on something else, so hopefully you guys like it!

Let us know if this if something you’d like to see more of! Future gameplay analyses would likely be focused on a more specific topic, like certain loadouts (pump/deagle) or playstyles (aggressive/passive)


Thanks to @SavedCasting, @WYuezhong, and @Kai_Peterson_ for their work!

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