Giant Robot to Fight Polar Peak Monster in Season 9 Finale

 • Jul 09, 2019

Giant Robot to Fight Polar Peak Monster in Season 9 Finale

The Season 9 finale event is approaching fast, and it's shaping up to be an exciting one. All signs are pointing toward an ultimate battle between the giant ice monster that escaped from Polar Peak and the giant robot that's being constructed in Pressure Plant. Here's what you need to know:

Earlier this season, Polar Peak began to melt, revealing a giant eye. In an update shortly after, the monster escape from Polar Peak, bringing a huge chunk of the peak and the entire castle with it. The only indication of where it went was a massive footprint facing West towards the ocean. Players then began to spot the monster swimming in the ocean with the castle still on its back.


Fast forward about a week, players logged in after another update to find that the monster had destroyed some of the buildings near Loot Lake, leaving behind another massive footprint. This is the last we've heard or seen any signs of the ice monster.

Fast forward another couple of weeks and a giant robot has begun construction at Pressure Plant. So far, two legs and a torso for the robot have finished construction.

It seems that every two days another part of the robot is finished. According to leaks, here's when you can expect the next parts to finish construction:

  • Stage 6: Bicep Left (June 10th)
  • Stage 7: Bicep Right (June 12th)
  • Stage 8: Forearm Left (June 14th)

Now, you might be wondering what's connecting these two massive entities, and why we think they're going fight at the end of the season. First, in leaked files, the two monsters were dubbed "cattus" and "doggus," as if to hint that the two are connected. Additionally, propaganda posters have begun to appear around the map, hinting at something big coming up.

These posters seem to be warning players of an upcoming battle or war. The first poster, "We Can Build It," is based off a popular piece of WW2 propaganda. The other two posters hint at some sort of a battle, too, by encouraging players to take cover or take the high ground. And finally, we have the last poster that hints that something imminent is coming.

The final indication that there will be battle between these two monster is a recent leak that shows a countdown timer. According to leaker Lucas7Yoshi, the image was "referenced in a material which has 'Cattus' in it," and the countdown will be displayed as a holodisplay, similar to the posters above.


As of July 13th, a countdown has appeared over each of the Sky Platforms in the map. The countdown is set for Saturday, July 20th, at 11:00AM PT. We'll be providing full coverage for this event on our Twitter, @FNMasterCom - Stay tuned!


We'll keep this article updated as the event unfolds, so you guys can check back here for any new info and leaks.

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