Interview with TSM Hamlinz

 • May 31, 2018

Interview with TSM Hamlinz

 For today’s installment of FortniteMaster’s interview series, we have TSM Hamlinz with us to answer a few questions about himself, and his experiences in the TSM gaming house and Friday Fortnite tournament! 


It’s been a few weeks since everyone’s moved into the TSM Gaming House. What’s it been like living in the TSM house? Could you tell us a little bit about what it’s like living with some of your teammates? Preferably funny stories!

It’s been truly an amazing experience - it's so nice to live with people who are streamers as well because it's a weird job at the end of the day. And we have started a little prank war HAHA! Myth & Daequan have scared me while streaming at least 10 times already. But I’ve got something up my sleeve for everyone. Especially CaMiLLs.

A glimpse of the prank war:

You’ve definitely been asked this question before but we’re going to ask it anyway to get it down in writing - Where did your saying “kiss you on the mouth” come from?

HAHAHAHA great question. It started with me asking everyone watching to follow & turn on notifications for my stream. In return they would get a kiss on their mouth.. Then my viewers just started asking for kisses on the mouth and it stuck. My community loves [the] meme.

It’s really great watching you spontaneously start rapping while watching you rack up kills on stream. It’s probably another thing you’ve been asked before, but where/when did you learn to rap like that?

My first ever stream someone asked if i could rap for them, and when I did, I actually enjoyed it a lot. Then I thought “How could I implement this fun idea into streaming” so I made my titles 1 Follow = 1 Freestyle and added a fun/unique idea to my stream that I haven’t seen other streamers do at the time. Over time I did around 20k+ freestyles on stream so i got really good at it!

Moving onto more Fortnite related questions, you recently took 2nd place with Daequan in the $10k Friday Fortnite tournament a couple of weeks ago, and 4th place with Myth in the $20k tournament this week. Could you describe your experience playing in the tournament? How do you feel about your placements? 

The experience was amazing. I definitely feel like we could have won both but these tournaments are more fun rather than competitive for me, since i'm not actually playing against good players. It’s just hopping into a casual game. Myth & I will be playing in this fridays tourney again and hoping to pull out a win.

In the $10k tournament, did you have any sour feelings towards your opponents’ strategy of ghosting you and Daequan each game? Do you think the rules should be changed to disallow this kind of strategy?

I didn’t have any sour feeling towards my opponents because at the end of the day, they were allowed to ghost because there are no rules implemented to prevent it. Thinking about it now, it would be really hard to make a rule to stop it, because towards the end of the game the circle is so small that you are always ghosting each other.

A large criticism of this tournament format and competitive Fortnite to a greater extent is the amount of randomness within the game that can completely mess up even the best of players. Do you have any comments or thoughts regarding this?

It’s 100% a lot of RNG, Daequan & I landed salty and slayed out 14 people early game and only found 1 more guy the rest of the game. It all depends on luck with finding enemies. It’s still amazing though, because when both teams find people it gets really intense and that's when having skill matters.

Do you have a favourite weapon in the game?

C4’s are definitely my favorite. A lot of people don't realize how powerful they actually are against a good player that's turtling (spamming walls). You can just throw 2 or 3 on the wall and instant kill them.

What’s your opinion of the jetpack and Epic/Legendary Burst AR?

I think the jetpack should be replaced for a parachute, I love using the jetpacks for those build fights where people shoot us down and I can survive, but I don't like how you can easily take highground back if you have a jetpack. A parachute would be perfect in my opinion. The new legendary Burst AR is actually really good, if someone is spamming walls you can always hit them with 1 bullet. It’s really good for people turtling once you learn how to use it.

Is there something you do differently from other players that allows you to build so insanely quickly?

I'm a perfectionist and my goal when I started playing this game was to learn every little thing about building, every game I try to learn something new. My advice is to record yourself and watch your build fights in half speed.. You will learn so much on how you can increase your build speed. I'll give you guys one of my favorite quotes “the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried” - Unknown

It’s public knowledge that you used to play Runescape on stream - we have a few questions about this:

How much time would you say you’ve spent playing Runescape?

Oh man! I started playing Runescape when I was 8 and played till i was 21.. It’s my childhood game and will always hold a place in my heart. I actually still watch Runescape streamers often like: MrNoSleep, Rigondeaux, B0aty, Black, Sick_Nerd, MmorpgRS, Faux, SkillSpecs, Alfie, Zulu and many more :D I owe Runescape full credit for getting my twitch career started. Thanks Jagex & these streamers above <3

Considering how different Runescape is from Fortnite - what was it like switching from a slow-paced MMO to a high paced Battle Royale game?

I actually adjusted really fast from Runescape to Battle Royale, I’ve always been really good at shooters, so it just came natural, although runescape definitely helped me understand game ticks, which oddly helped me realize how fast you actually build in Fortnite.

A while ago around the start of April, you may or may not remember this, but I recall that you were doing a late night stream where Reginald came into your stream and gave you some pretty generous donations. Something that caught my attention was the constant mention of how much spaghetti the donations could buy you. Is there a specific reason why you were thinking about it in terms of spaghetti?

Yea Reginald is actually amazing and has donated A LOT of money to my stream. I can make a huge pot of spaghetti that can last me almost a full month for around $20 hahaha so everytime I get a $20 donation, I always thank them for feeding me for a whole month :D I never want to become ungrateful for all the donations I get and this definitely helps keep me in check oddly enough.

What did joining TSM mean to you on both a personal and professional level?

It meant the world and back. Everyone that works at TSM are actually kind and genuine people. I’ll definitely bleed black & white till the end of my streaming career.

Do you have any interests outside of playing video games? If so, what?

I definitely want to adventure into vlogging my in real life adventures. I'm also interested in doing comedy shows one day.

As with the end of all our interviews, do you have any shoutouts you would like to make?

I want to shout out my family for giving me a shot and letting me stream. I want to thank all of the Runescape community for helping get my streaming career started. My teamates CaMiLLs, Daequan, and Myth for always giving me advice & helping me out. And last but not least TeamSoloMid <3

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