All Major and Minor Map Changes in Season 6

 • Sep 28, 2018

All Major and Minor Map Changes in Season 6

Loot Lake

Loot Lake went through the biggest changes. The house in the middle of the lake became a big floating island with strong winds that players can use to glide. Below the island, there is a new area with multiple levels of water, a ton of loot, and a whirlpool in the middle that will send you to the sky.

Haunted Castle

A brand new castle was added on the hill next to Haunted Hills, hence the name Haunted Castle. New rifts were added on this hill too, so you have an easy escape when you're done conquering the new castle.

Corrupted Zones

The low-gravity fields from last season have turned into corrupted zones. These new corrupted areas spawn the new Shadow Stones, allowing you to go invisible and phase through structures. There are also three new chest spawns in the middle of each of the corrupted zones.

Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods went through some major renovations. There are four new cabins in Wailing, two large and two smaller, each with it's own basement. 

A huge underground bunker was also added below the center part of Wailing. This new bunker could play into some sort of a new storyline because it looks like some weird experiments were taking place there. Not to mention there is a single rift at the bottom of the bunker, and it looks like it was made using a machine.

Fatal Fields

Harvest is finally ready in Fatal Fields! The corn fields are fully grown, giving complete cover to whomever walks in. They can be destroyed with a pickaxe or building, but bullets go right through the corn! Bullets can still hit you but won't destroy your cover in these new corn fields.

Hero Mansion

The hero mansion became overgrown with vines and plants. The heroes obviously aren't maintaining the mansion anymore, so what happened?!

Villain Base

The villain base looks like it's in shambles too. Parts of the base are completely destroyed and spiderwebs are everywhere. 

The spider problem seems pretty bad. One room in the back has three chests that are all sticking to the walls and covered in webs.

Halloween Decorations

One of the buildings in Retail Row has been transformed into a makeshift Halloween store, complete with interactive decorations. 

A playful ghost sign rests on the front of the building while the inside contains Halloween goodies, from buckets of candy to ghosts and bewitching decorations. Even cooler, the two witches and the house with gravestones make noise and light up when you walk by them.

Three Little Pigs' Houses

Three 1x1 houses were added in separate remote locations across the map. Each of them can spawn up to three chests. The wooden shack is east of Paradise Palms, the brick shack is southwest of Greasy Grove, and the metal shack is north of Lazy Links. This could be a reference to the three little pigs, who all built there houses out of different materials. Hopefully, a big bad werewolf doesn't come and blow them down!

Stone Heads

The seven stone Moai heads were all removed, including their chest and rift spawns. Rifts are still in the game, but this change removed a good chunk of there spawns.

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