Fortnite Neo Tilted and Mega Mall Easter Eggs

 • May 21, 2019

Fortnite Neo Tilted and Mega Mall Easter Eggs

Neo Tilted and Mega Mall were new Points of Interest added to Fortnite with the Season 9 Patch. These locations are filled with fun easter eggs referencing other parts of Fortnite and past Fortnite culture. We noted down as many we could find for you guys to see in this article:

Flush Factory Outlet is a bathroom/toilet store that can be found in Mega Mall. Its name is a clear reference to the classic Flush Factory POI that’s currently buried in snow to the right of Happy Hamlet.

Junk 4 Cash Pawn is obviously a reference to Junk Junction, the junkyard POI in the top left corner of the map. This shop’s name subtly pokes fun at real life pawn shops, implying that anything found in pawn shops is inherently junk.

Scoops Ahoy could be a reference to the pirate-themed Lazy Lagoon POI, but is more prominently a reference to the fictional Starcourt Mall ice cream parlor seen in the trailer for the upcoming third season of Stranger Things. The in-game parlor is nearly identical to the Stranger Things version, and is clearly a reference to the popular Netflix series. This parlor could be a hint at an upcoming Fortnite/Stranger Things crossover, which isn’t too far-fetched, considering the success following Marvel’s Avengers crossover with Fortnite.

The only arcade machine found inside Mega Mall’s arcade, Dance Royale is most likely a reference to the popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. An animation of the “Rex” skin doing the “Best Mates” emote can be seen on-screen, and freeze-frames of emotes “Disco Fever” and “Zany” are printed on the sides of Dance Royale arcade machines.

Big Shots is a modernized installment of the Big Shots coffee shop franchise that used to sit in Retail Row and Tilted Towers. Old versions of the coffee shop can still be found in Happy Hamlet and Paradise Palms.

Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit is an updated version of the Uncle Pete’s Pizza restaurant that was located in Tomato Town up until Season 5. The modern cartoon mascot and colored carpeting is most likely a mockup of Chuck E. Cheese’s and other similar family-targeted pizza restaurants.

Though the toy shop doesn’t have an obvious connection to any past or present POIs (maybe it’s a reference to a future POI?), it does feature the head of a fat “Cuddle Team Leader” in place of the “O” in the “TOYS” sign.

The Durr Burger fast food restaurant can now be found in Neo Tilted.

The Double Plump Buffet restaurant can be found in Neo Tilted, and is most likely a homage to the popular Season 1 “Double Pump” strategy. The strategy consisted of carrying two Pump Shotguns, and firing both in rapid succession during close-range battles. Epic made it clear that the strategy was an unintended feature, and ensured that it was ineffective by adding a shotgun cooldown to all shotguns across the board. Even if shotgun delay didn’t exist, the “Double Pump” strategy still wouldn’t be possible in Battle Royale, because the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted.

An advertisement for Lonely Lodge Solos can be found in Neo Tilted, and features a breaking heart as the logo. The company is obviously a reference to the Lonely Lodge POI, located on the east side of the Battle Royale island.

Fishsticks’ Fishsticks advertisement features the Fishstick skin released towards the end of Season 7.

Peely’s Banana Stand is a reference to the Season 8 “Peely” Battle Pass skin. The logo features two bananas with a surprised Peely face on them. 

An advertisement for Turtle Inn can be seen in Neo Tilted, which is most likely a reference to the popular meta of “turtling” most often seen in competitive matches. The term “turtling” refers to a player building a box around themselves for protection from bullets, similar to how a turtle hides in their shell for safety.

The figure in the giant metal statue in Tilted is holding the same helmet that was seen on the desk in The Vault during the “Unvaulting” event that capped off Season 8. The skin doesn’t match any currently released Season 9 skins. Maybe it’ll be the unlockable Battle Pass mystery skin this season? 

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