New FortniteMaster Profiles and Up-To-Date Season 6 Stats!

 • Oct 02, 2018

New FortniteMaster Profiles and Up-To-Date Season 6 Stats!

Hi everyone! We've recently released a full redesign to our stats profiles and added an all new stats comparison tool for you guys to check out and use! The new profiles are a sleeker visual design that you'll see by searching yourself up on the site.

To access the stats comparison tool, you simply have to look up any profile and click on any of the buttons that are encircled in the following image:

Clicking on one of those buttons will send you to a new screen where you can enter another player's name to compare stats!

Once you've selected a player to compare to, you will have the option of selecting Season and Game Mode filters. These filters will apply to the stats of the player you're comparing your stats to. Hit done once you've selected the desired filters:

And voila! As you can see in this example, Daequan's stats are now being compared to Ninja's Overall Season 4 stats as per the filters set above.

By changing the filters at the top, we can choose which of Daequan's stats to be compared to Ninja's Overall Season 4 stats:

We hope you all enjoy these new features! We're still refining and making minor polishes, so you can expect them to be improved further over the next little while. In addition, there's still a load of new features we've been developing for the past few months, so keep an eye out for future updates that we'll push out!

Feel free to give us feedback either by sending us messages through any of our social media channels. We're always happy to hear from our users and assist in any way possible. 

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