Season X Catastrophic Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

 • Aug 29, 2019

Season X Catastrophic Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

Urgent Mission Objectives

Day 1: Deal (100) damage with Pickaxes to opponents

For this Challenge, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the Team Rumble mode. Respawns are enabled in this mode, that means you can run at enemies and get your Pickaxe damage in without the worry of having to queue for a new match once you’ve died.

While much harder, you could also do this Challenge in a normal mode. Take advantage of the Duos and Squads modes as you can deal Pickaxe damage to downed opponents.

Day 2: (3) Eliminations from at least 50 meters away

Depending on your preference and skill level, nearly all weapons will suffice for this Challenge, with the obvious picks being Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles.

If long-range engagements are something you struggle with, consider going into the Team Rumble mode where you can respawn with your loot, take the high-ground, and eliminate the enemy who eliminated you.

Day 3: Use a trap slot item in (3) different matches

Depending on when you’re completing this Challenge, you may have an extra choice when it comes to Traps as the Zap Trap was recently leaked. At the time of writing, however, your choices include Damage Traps and the Launch Pad.

This is a super simple Challenge which doesn’t really require any direction, but one thing to note is that your Trap is only as durable as the material it is placed on.

Day 4: Place Top 5 in Duos or Squads Matches

Depending on your experience and skill level, this Challenge may prove difficult. If winning games is something you struggle with, we highly recommend checking out our YouTube Channel which features a wide selection of videos aimed to help you improve.

Day 5: Deal (500) damage to opponents from above

Once again, our YouTube Channel is the perfect fit for tips regarding this Challenge as we have a video dedicated to taking advantage of the high ground.

Besides general tips and techniques, don’t forget that you can deal damage to downed opponents for Challenge progression.

Day 6: Visit Lonely Lodge and Lazy Lagoon in the same match

Another simple Challenge, especially considering the fact that these two locations are relatively near each other. While the Challenge doesn’t require you to open Chests, you might as well pick up some loot while you’re there. Below you can find maps of Chest spawns for each location.

Lonely Lodge

There are a total of 12 potential Chest spawns in Lonely Lodge.

Lazy Lagoon

There are a total of 28 potential Chest spawns in Lazy Lagoon.

Day 7: Search (7) Chests at Shifty Shafts or Haunted Hills

Depending on the Bus’ flight path, you’ll likely want to go to Shifty Shafts for this Challenge rather than Haunted Hills. Haunted’s loot distribution is rather open and spread out while Shifty’s is nice and compact. There’s also the advantage of location on the map with Shifty when compared to Haunted.

Shifty Shafts

There are a total of 11 potential Chest spawns in Shifty Shafts.

Haunted Hills

There are a total of 12 potential Chest spawns in Haunted Hills, 16 if you count the mountain castle.

Hidden Battle Star

The coordinates E7 E8 F7 F8 can be found in the center-left side of the Catastrophic loading screen.

The Battle Star will be available in this location, near the house which sits on top of the hill just West of Fatal Fields.

Here is a map indicating where to find this point in-game:


  • Complete any 1 Challenge to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 2 Challenges to unlock the reward: 500 XP
  • Complete any 3 Challenges to unlock the reward: Catastrophic Uncommon Loading Screen & Hidden Battle Star Quest
  • Complete any 4 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 5 Challenges to unlock the reward: 1,000 XP
  • Complete any 6 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 7 Challenges to unlock the reward: 2,000 XP
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