Season X Gothic Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

 • Sep 19, 2019

Season X Gothic Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

Urgent Mission Objectives

Day 1: Deal 500 damage to opponents in a single match

The easiest way to complete this challenge is via Team Rumble - the ability to respawn means you won’t have to restart your progress every time you die. Furthermore, it’ll let you spawn on top of unsuspecting enemies which you can easily shotgun/SMG for a good chunk of damage.

If you plan on attempting this challenge in one of the main game modes, you want to make sure you’ve got enough healing supplies because it’ll be more of a survival challenge. Here’s some tips:

  • Suppressed Weapons can help with getting free damage off as a third party without attracting attention
  • If you’re very good with a sniper rifle, they can help you hit that 500 damage mark very quickly
  • Explosive weapons are also a good way to quickly stack up the damage
    • Early grenades in a crowded room are a quick way to stack up 200+ damage in seconds
    • Rocket Launchers and Stink Bombs are a great way of tagging damage onto enemies without requiring much aim as well
  • Remember that surviving engagements is the key to completing this engagement: while shotguns do loads of damage, they put you at great risk of death as well. If you’re not very confident in your gameplay, try to avoid these kinds of fights

Day 2: Land at Salty Springs or Junk Junction in 3 different matches

Very easy challenge to complete - all you have to do is land at either location. If you want to complete the challenge quickly, you ought to drop at either location, quit the game or die quickly, and requeue as soon as you can.

If you’re intending to play out the rest of the game, Junk Junction doesn’t usually have very many people, meaning that you could likely get a lot of loot with minimal trouble. Salty Springs on the other hand is one of the highest traffic locations, so if you’re looking for a lot of action, it’s the place for you. 

Salty Springs

There are 16 potential Chest spawns in Salty Springs.

Junk Junction

There are 10 potential Chest spawns in Junk Junction.

Day 3: 2 Suppressed Weapon Eliminations

Your two options for this challenge are using the Suppressed Pistol and Suppressed SMG. The Suppressed SMG is probably the better of the two options as it doesn’t require as precise aim and can spray down an unshielded target very quickly. Here are some guidelines on using either weapon...

Suppressed Pistol:

  • Suppressed Pistols are on the rarer side, but are still relatively common weapons.
  • Usually, you would spray and pray in close quarters while attempting to aim at the upper half of your enemy’s body
    • This is most effective in the early game when enemies don’t have too much shield
  • Unlike the Suppressed SMG, the Suppressed Pistol does have decent mid-long range damage. You can slowly take potshots from a distance and try to snipe out elims as a third party

Suppressed SMG:

  • The Suppressed SMG is one of the deadliest early game weapons, as they’re very accurate at close range while having very good DPS
    • Simply point it at your enemy’s chest and hold down left click
  • An effective way to get kills on higher HP targets with the Suppressed SMG is to swap to it immediately after firing a shotgun at your target. More often than not, the Shotgun blast chunks out the enemy, and the Suppressed SMG can finish off the target with ease
  • However, the Suppressed SMG is really bad at anything further than close range, so you’ll have to take close range fights in order to use it effectively

Day 4: Search an ammo box in 3 different named locations in a single match

This sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. All you have to do is find three locations that are relatively nearby, and figure out a way to get to all three and find an ammo box to loot without dying. Here are some suggestions:

  • Snobby Shores, Haunted Hills, Junk Junction
  • Snobby Shores, Haunted Hills, Pleasant Park
  • Haunted Hills, Pleasant Park, Loot Lake
  • Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Pleasant Park
  • Lucky Landing, Fatal Fields, Salty Springs
  • Dusty Depot, Salty Springs, Retail Row

Usually, you ought to be able to find a Driftboard near these locations to help you with the rotations. Remember that ammo boxes spawn in pretty much every building, so you’ll have to do a small search at each location you go to.

Day 5: Search 7 chests at Hot Spots

Hot spots are named locations that are outlined in gold, with the location being randomly selected each game:

There isn’t really a quick way of doing this challenge: you simply have to find as many chests as you can at each hot drop. With that being said, if your match has a Hot Spot at a location which is not a Rift Zone, we've got a map of potential Chest spawns which you can find here.

Day 6: Visit Retail Row and the Block in the same match

For this challenge, we would suggest landing at The Block, climbing the hill directly southwest, picking up a Driftboard, and just going straight to Retail Row. It’s not the most interesting challenge, so feel free to toggle autorun while doing it. 

Day 7: Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents

You have the option of using a Tactical SMG or Suppressed SMG for this challenge.

This is pretty easily done in tandem with the Suppressed Weapon Elimination challenge above. Since you don’t need to deal all 500 damage in a single match, you can space it out across all the games you play.

SMGs in general are very good early game weapons as they have very high close-range DPS. The most effective way to use them is in combination with shotguns - fire the shotgun first, then swap to the SMG to finish off the enemy. Of course, if you’re trying to finish the challenge quickly, just equip 3 SMGs or something in Team Rumble and go hard. You’ll get it in no time.

Hidden Battle Star

Coordinates can be found in the center-right of the Gothic Loading Screen.

The Battle Star will be available in this location, at the intersection of the G2 G3 H2 H3 quadrants of the map.

Here is a map indicating where to find this point in-game:


  • Complete any 1 Challenge to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 2 Challenges to unlock the reward: 500 XP
  • Complete any 3 Challenges to unlock the reward: Gothic Uncommon Loading Screen & Hidden Battle Star Quest
  • Complete any 4 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 5 Challenges to unlock the reward: 1,000 XP
  • Complete any 6 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 7 Challenges to unlock the reward: 2,000 XP
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