Season X Junk Storm Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

 • Aug 22, 2019

Season X Junk Storm Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

Urgent Mission Objectives

Day 1: Consume (5) Glitched Foraged Items

Glitched Foraged Items can only be found at the site of the exploded Rift Beacon, where the Rec Center/Soccer Field once stood. Here are the effects of each:

  • Apple: +5 HP
  • Mushroom: +5 Shield
  • Coconut: +5 HP or Shield
  • Pepper: Increased player movement speed
  • Hop Rock: Decreased player gravity
  • Shadow Stone: 45 seconds of Shadow Form. While in Shadow Form, the player is unable to use any weapons, becomes invisible to enemies when stationary, leaves behind a Shadow Trail while moving, gains increased movement speed, jump height, fall damage immunity and the Phase ability which can be activated by pressing the Primary Fire button.


Day 2: Play (3) Arena matches

Arena mode is Fortnite’s take on a competitive mode for Battle Royale. In Arena you can climb through the Divisions and Leagues if you’re up for the Challenge.

This is an interesting Challenge as it promotes casual players to take a shot at a Competitive-based mode. Keep in mind you do not need to win or even get an elimination while in Arena to complete this Challenge, just enter and die in an Arena match to progress.

Day 3: (2) Scoped weapon Eliminations

For this Challenge you have a wide variety of weapons available, including the Scoped Assault Rifle, Automatic Sniper Rifle, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Heavy Sniper Rifle, and Proximity Grenade Launcher. Because of this, you have every practical range from short to long covered.

In close-range engagements, make use of the Proximity Grenade launcher to take out enemies and any build they might be placing. You can finish them off using Proximity Launcher or the Scoped Assault Rifle.

In long-range engagements, any of the three available Sniper Rifles should suffice. At this point, it’s pretty much just preference as all have their designated strengths and weaknesses.

Day 4: Deal (500) Headshot damage to opponents

For this Challenge you’ll want to utilize Assault Rifles at most ranges as you can accurately and effectively deal damage to an enemy’s head. Check out the following video from our YouTube Channel which should help you improve your aim.

Day 5: Search a Chest in (3) different Named Locations in a single match

There aren’t very many strategies or tips to offer for this Challenge. You don’t need to purposefully aim for this Challenge as you’ll completely it before you know it from both casual play or while completing other Challenges.

Day 6: Land at Pressure Plant or Happy Hamlet in (3) different matches

Super simple Challenge here, each of the required locations are named and easily found on the map. Happy Hamlet is a very underrated spot to land as it has a great amount of Loot, but if you prefer slower-paced and safer gameplay, land at Pressure Plant.

Below you can find a map of each location’s Chest spawns to help you out once you’ve landed.

Pressure Plant

Happy Hamlet

Day 7: Deal (1,000) damage to opponent’s structures

For this Challenge, you’ll want to utilize explosives to most effectively deal damage to both opponents and their structures. Keep in mind that the enemy whose structure you are damaging does not need to be alive anymore, so be sure to shoot down any builds following an engagement.

Hidden Battle Star

Coordinates can be found in the bottom-right corner of the Junk Storm loading screen, as seen below.

The Battle Star will be available in this location near a lone temple East of Sunny Steps.

Here is a map indicating where to find this point.


  • Complete any 1 Challenge to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 2 Challenges to unlock the reward: 500 XP
  • Complete any 3 Challenges to unlock the reward: Junk Storm Uncommon Loading Screen & Hidden Battle Star Quest
  • Complete any 4 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 5 Challenges to unlock the reward: 1,000 XP
  • Complete any 6 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 7 Challenges to unlock the reward: 2,000 XP
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