Season X Last Stop Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

 • Oct 03, 2019

Season X Last Stop Challenges (Fortnite Battle Pass Guide)

Urgent Mission Objectives

Day 1: Deal (500) damage with Suppressed weapons to opponents

Your weapon choices for this Challenge include the Suppressed Pistol and Suppressed SMG. The Suppressed SMG is obviously going to be the better choice of the two in nearly all situations due to its higher damage per second and magazine size.

Suppressed Pistol

  • Rarities: Rare, Epic
  • Damage: 26, 28
  • Fire Rate: 6.75, 6.75
  • Magazine Size: 16, 16
  • Reload Time: 1.3, 1.3

Suppressed SMG

  • Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare
  • Damage: 22, 23, 24
  • Fire Rate: 5, 9, 9
  • Magazine Size: 30, 30, 30
  • Reload Time: 2.2, 2.1, 2.0

Day 2: Outlast (150) opponents in Solo or Squads mode

For this Challenge, you simply need to play the game. Even the worst of players should be able to complete it in one sitting as it's passively completed for you while you're working on the other Challenges.

That being said, those who feel that they struggle to survive to the late-game; Consider checking out our YouTube Channel where we post informative videos covering varying topics which are aimed to help you improve. Here is a video of ours which is relevant to this Challenge...

Day 3: (5) Assault Rifle Eliminations

For this Challenge you have many different options to choose from, while most choices will perform at the same levels overall, there are niche situations which one choice may be better than the other. Our ideal choice for this Challenge would be the Epic/Legendary Assault Rifle.

Confused regarding the Minigun being an Assault Rifle? We were too! As of the v9.20 patch, the Minigun is considered an Assault Rifle.

Assault Rifle

  • Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare
  • DPS: 165, 170.5, 181.5

Scoped Assault Rifle

  • Rarities: Uncommon, Rare
  • DPS: 91, 94.5

Heavy Assault Rifle

  • Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare
  • DPS: 142.5, 150, 157.5

Infantry Assault Rifle

  • Rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • DPS: 152, 160, 168, 176


  • Rarities: Epic, Legendary
  • DPS: 240, 252

Day 4: Search (7) Chests at Loot Lake or Happy Hamlet

Take a look at the maps of individual Chest spawns in the images below. While each location offers an even amount of potential Chests, Happy Hamlet is considered to be the superior place to land. Despite the fact that it has 4 more potential Chest spawns, there is much more cover in Happy Hamlet due to the buildings, the lack of water and popularity also makes this a much easier location to survive.

Loot Lake

There are a total of 30 potential Chest spawns in Loot Lake.

Happy Hamlet

There are a total of 34 potential Chest spawns in Happy Hamlet.

Day 5: Land at Lucky Landing or Retail Row in (3) different matches

Below you can find a map of individual potential Chest spawns for Lucky Landing. Unfortunately, as Retail Row is a Rift Zone, we cannot provide specific Chest locations for this point of interest. However, a total count of potential Chests will be provided.

Overall, Lucky Landing is the best choice to land due to it being a somewhat unpopular location with the same amount of Chests as Retail Row. Here you won't need to deal with the Husks either, just be sure to leave before you're caught in the Storm!

Lucky Landing

There are a total of 17 potential Chest spawns in Lucky Landing.

Retail Row

There are a total of 18 potential Chest spawns in Retail Row.

Day 6: Search (5) Ammo Boxes in a single match

Because of the density of Ammo Box spawns around the map, we have not created spawn location maps for them as we have Chests. You shouldn't have any difficulty finding Ammo Boxes in any of the named locations. Simply keep an eye out and maybe stick around a location a little longer than you typically would and you'll find yourself finished with the Challenge in no time!

Day 7: Visit (10) different Named Locations

This is a Challenge which quite literally every player can easily and passively complete. After just a few average-length matches you should have this Challenge complete with no problem.


  • Complete any 1 Challenge to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 2 Challenges to unlock the reward: 500 XP
  • Complete any 3 Challenges to unlock the reward: Last Stop Uncommon Loading Screen
  • Complete any 4 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 5 Challenges to unlock the reward: 1,000 XP
  • Complete any 6 Challenges to unlock the reward: 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete any 7 Challenges to unlock the reward: 2,000 XP
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