Season 5 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Sep 13, 2018

Season 5 Week 10 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Basements (0/7)

This is what one of the Jigsaw puzzle pieces looks like, located in basements across the map. You just need to find and search seven of these pieces to complete the challenge. They can be hard to find sometimes, so listen for a distinct audio cue that sounds like a rattle.

Below is a map marking the locations of all the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces.

Consume Apples or Mushrooms (0/20)

This challenge requires you to find and consume 20 apples or mushrooms, which shouldn’t be too hard because they typically spawn in groups of about two to five. The hardest part will be finding these consumables in the first place.

Mushrooms are your best bet for completing this challenge quickly. In the areas they spawn, there tend to be multiple mushroom clusters close nearby. With apples, it’s more common to find just one or two clusters

Mushroom spawns:

  • Wailing woods is the best spot to complete this challenge quickly 
    • Wailing Woods has a ton of different mushroom spawns
    • Keep an eye out for them in shady areas near the base of large trees
    • It’s possible for over 20 mushrooms to spawn in Wailing alone
  • Shifty Shafts is another great spot to land for mushroom spawns
    • There is a sizable cluster of spawns north of Shifty
    • Smaller clusters can spawn on the Southern and Western outskirts
  • Lonely Lodge or Dusty Divot are two more areas with decent mushroom spawns.
    • Look around shaded areas under the large 600hp trees

Here's what mushrooms spawns look like:

Apple spawns:

  • Fatal Fields, Retail Row, and Salty Springs all have small clusters of apple trees
  • Risky Reels is surrounded by these trees, close and far
  • Loot Lake has a couple apple spawns on the North side near the houses, watchtower, and campsite
  • South of the tunnel near Tomato Temple also has a couple of these trees and apple spawns

Here’s what apple trees look like: 

One thing to remember: you won’t be able to eat apples or mushrooms if you’re already at 100 health or 100 shield.

Eliminate Opponents (HARD) (0/10)

Time is your friend while completing this challenge. You need to get ten eliminations in total, but you can spread those out over as many matches as you need. This elimination challenge isn’t limited to any specific area on the map either, so it’s okay to land at your favorite spots

Staying alive early game is the first step to getting eliminations

  • Try landing at more remote locations for better chances of survival
  • Focus on looting up, getting shields, and farming materials before engaging opponents
  • Try not to panic when you get into a fight
    • Focus on aiming and taking good shots when you can
    • Build yourself cover so you're not a free target
    • Hold right-hand angles and use the third-person camera to help with vision

Limited-time modes like 50v50 are a great way to find some easier eliminations because opponents are often focused on other players.

  • Stay close to your teammates so enemies don’t focus on you
  • Work together with teammates to eliminate enemies but try to get the final shot yourself
  • Use assault rifles to pick off unaware opponents from a safe distance
    • Shoot at enemies that are distracted fighting other players
    • Make use of first-shot accuracy to counteract bloom
    • The suppressed assault rifle is great for landing precision shots at mid-range
    • Scoped ARs are another good option for eliminating opponents from afar
      • They are unaffected by bloom and 100% accurate

Battle Pass Challenges

Search Chests in Salty Springs (0/7)

This challenge will be difficult to complete in general, and even more difficult on the first day that these challenges are released. Check out the map below for all the chest spawn locations.

Salty Springs is close to the middle of the map, making it a hot drop in a lot of games. It’s rare that the battle bus doesn’t fly over or near Salty, so be prepared to fight other people when you land there.

One of the best spots to land is the smaller house in the middle of town with the tree trunk. 

  • This house has three chest spawns, and a handful of floor loot spawns
  • As a landing spot, it isn’t as popular as the other houses in Salty 
  • It also has a basement, so if somebody beats you to the roof you can duck into the basement for some loot

The house at the West end of Salty is another decent option with four chest spawns

  • This house tends to be one of the more popular landing spots, so get ready to fight your way out. 
  • This multi-level basement has two chest spawns and typically offers enough loot for a decent loadout

Deal damage to opponents (0/5000)

Similar to this week’s elimination challenge, time is your friend with this one. It will take more than a few games to rack up 5,000 damage, so be patient and keep grinding. To put it in perspective, you would have to eliminate 50 opponents with 100 health, or 25 opponents with 100 health and 100 shield to complete this challenge.

Limited-time modes like 50v50 are the easiest way to complete these types of challenges. 

  • Stick close to your team to make yourself less of a target
  • Dish out AR and sniper shots from a safe distance. 
    • Even if you don’t get the eliminations, the damage from every single shot adds up
    • Focus on shooting distracted or downed opponents for free damage
    • Heavy snipers deal a whopping 150 damage to the body
      • This damage adds up quick if you can land some shots
  • Explosives are another option for dealing good damage
    • Try using explosives against enemies distracted by other players
    • Shoot or throw explosives into groups of enemies for splash damage

Search between a covered bridge, waterfall and the 9th green (HARD)

Here’s a map marking the treasure’s location:

And here’s a gif of the location in-game:

Stages 1-3: Eliminate an opponent in ______________

Stage 1: Eliminate an opponent in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park can be a popular landing spot, so landing and getting loot can be a challenge. Check out the map below for all the chest spawn locations.

When landing, scout out your opponents on the way down. This way you can see where they are landing and avoid going to the same spots. It’s important to be the first one to land at the house you choose because it increases your chances of getting loot.

Right when you land, glance up and check if anybody else is aiming for your house. If so, get a gun as fast as possible and try to eliminate them. If nobody else is landing at your house, then loot the entire house and get onto the roof to scout the surrounding area. This is a great way to pick off opponents that are fighting each other or choose an unsuspecting target to sneak up on.

Stage 2: Eliminate an opponent in Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods has a ton of natural cover and materials, but not a lot of loot to go around. Below is a map of all the chest spawns.

Landing at the hedge maze is always a good option. This is where the most chests and floor loot spawn, giving you a solid chance of picking up a weapon right away. If you know somebody else landed with you, it’s not a bad idea to get on top of the hedges once you have a weapon. This give you a good angle on enemies who aren’t expecting to be shot from above.

Fighting amidst the trees in Wailing Woods is frustrating but manageable. The only restriction is that you can’t build too high in many places because the trees will block you. On the flip side, trees provide a ton of natural cover and convenient materials, both of which can work to your benefit in fights. 

Stage 3: Eliminate an opponent in Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is an excellent landing spot for loot and natural cover. The buildings offer great protection for early skirmishes. For chest spawn locations, look the map below.

The two buildings at the Southern side of Lucky are both great options for landing spots. Each has two chest spawns and plenty of floor loot spawns. Once you loot up, scout the area from the windows or roof. Again, the easiest way to get an elimination is picking off players that are busy fighting each other. If that’s not an option, just pick a player and push. Remember to use the natural cover from all the buildings to your advantage.

The shrine at the North-East part of Lucky is also a decent spot to land. There are three chest spawns and more than enough loot for one person. After you loot the area, head up to the nearby hill that overlooks the rest of Lucky. From here, you might be able to pick off an opponent for free. If not, you still have the natural high ground, giving you the upper hand.

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