Season 6 Week 1 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

 • Sep 27, 2018

Season 6 Week 1 Fortnite Battle Pass Guide

Free Challenges

Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches (0/3)

This challenge is about as simple as they come - the trick is to find Legendary items, which can be quite rare. You can find Legendary items from any loot container. This is simply just RNG, so it'll take time. 

If you're not finding Legendary Items, some ways to decrease the RNG are to hunt other players or survive long enough to get a Supply Drop. The more players you kill, the higher the chance of you finding a Legendary item. Supply Drops tend to have very high percentage chances of dropping Legendary items as well. If you play a mode like 50v50, this challenge shouldn't be much of a problem at all.

A last effort solution is to use Vending Machines, but finding a Vending Machine that gives Legendaries is just as random as opening chests.

Regain health from a Cozy Campfire (0/150)

Scratch what we said about the above challenge being simple: all this requires you to do is to use a Campfire when you're low on health. Campfires restore a total of 50hp over 25s. The healing from campfires can put you above 75 HP, so it's often wise to use these to put you back up to full. 

A trick you can do with campfires is place two side-by-side and stand in between them. The healing gets stacked, and you'll end up healing twice as fast. You can do this with up to four campfires.

The fastest way to complete this challenge is to use three campfires to their max potential, which would require you to have taken at least 50 hp damage in the game. You can try to use the storm to help you out with this - campfires work while in the storm, so you can abuse the storm damage to help you finish this challenge faster.

Stage x: Search Loot Containers (HARD) (0/x)

  1. 3 Chests
  2. 2 Supply Drops
  3. 1 Llama

This challenge is actually quite a pain to complete due to the fact you have to open a Llama for the final stage. 

Searching chests are usually a matter of landing on the roof of a building and breaking through to it. Other good places to land are in the Corrupted Areas which usually have chest spawns at them. You can visit tends to have good information on every chest spawn location in the game if you're that desperate for help.

Supply Drops are a matter of survival to the mid-late game where they start spawning. In order to get Supply Drops, you need to survive long enough for them to spawn. Here are some extra tips for if you're not confident in your ability to win fights consistently:

  • Land somewhere low traffic (like an unnamed point of interest) to increase your chances of survival
  • Stay near the safe zone and keep your ears peeled for the Supply Drop noise
    • If it's loud, you can generally run towards it and secure it
      • It might be worth shooting the Supply Drop down if you're certain there aren't enemies nearby
    • If it's super quiet, there might not be any point in going for it
  • Always keep moving or be under cover - snipers or other players with good aim can ruin your game quite easily
  • Keep an eye out for the blue smoke for where the drops will land.

However, Llamas are very rare as supposedly only 3 spawn every game. Furthermore, the Llama spawns are literally all over the map. Generally speaking, the most common way to find a Llama to search is to spot one as you're dropping. Otherwise, there's a great deal of luck involved in finding it. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, and after enough games you'll eventually be able to find one!

Battle Pass Challenges

Apply Shields (0/500)

This challenge requires you to just use Mushrooms, Small Shield Potions, Shield Potions, Slurp Juice, or Chug Jugs to get a total of 500 shield. There's not much more to it. Here's some notes:

  • Small Shield Potions grant 25 shield, and can only bring you up to 50 shield.
  • Shield Potions give 50 shield
  • Slurp Juice can give a maximum of 75 shield if you are at 100 HP. 
    • It will heal HP first before applying shields
  • Chug Jugs will always bring you to max shield and max HP

Usually, you would try to put yourself in a situation where drinking a Shield Potion or Slurp Juice would bring you to 100 Shield. It is almost always worth it to consume an extra Small Shield Potion if it means bringing yourself to 100 Shield/100 HP.

Stage x: Land at Named Location (0/1)

  1. Junk Junction
  2. Tomato Temple
  3. Tilted Towers
  4. Fatal Fields
  5. Flush Factory

This will literally take you five games to complete - just land at the specific location for each stage. If the Battle Bus route isn't going that way, you can either deploy your glider early or just queue into another lobby. 

Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (0/7) (HARD)

To complete this challenge, you simply have to dance at 7 of the streetlights that have speakers attached to them. Here's a map showing their locations:

Eliminate an opponent in different Named Locations (0/5) (HARD)

This is a great challenge to complete in tandem with the above challenge that requires you to land in 5 different named locations. If not,  

just keep trying to land at a new place and get a kill over as many matches as you need. This elimination challenge isn’t limited to any specific area on the map either, so it’s okay to land at your favorite spots.

Staying alive early game is the first step to getting eliminations

  • Try landing at more remote locations for better chances of survival
  • Focus on looting up, getting shields, and farming materials before engaging opponents
  • Try not to panic when you get into a fight
    • Focus on aiming and taking good shots when you can
    • Build yourself cover so you're not a free target
    • Hold right-hand angles and use the third-person camera to help with vision

Limited-time modes like 50v50 are a great way to find some easier eliminations because opponents are often focused on other players.

  • Stay close to your teammates so enemies don’t focus on you
  • Work together with teammates to eliminate enemies but try to get the final shot yourself
  • Use assault rifles to pick off unaware opponents from a safe distance
    • Shoot at enemies that are distracted fighting other players
    • Make use of first-shot accuracy to counteract bloom
    • The suppressed assault rifle is great for landing precision shots at mid-range
    • Scoped ARs are another good option for eliminating opponents from afar
      • They are unaffected by bloom and 100% accurate

Road Trip Challenge:

After completing all 7 challenges this week, you'll unlock this loading screen:

There's a faint Battle Pass tier above the tractor in the image. You can find it by Paradise Palms as marked on the map below:

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